holding his breath337p日本欧洲亚洲大胆张筱雨

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holding his breath337p日本欧洲亚洲大胆张筱雨

Mind Controlled Mothers ClubA Story of the Institute of Apotheosis ResearchChapter One: Making a Mommy SlutBy mypenname3000Copyright 2018Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!Ulrich Geller's clean suit rasped and crinkled as he worked in shipping at the Institute of Apotheosis Research. The box to contain the Halo lay open, ready to receive the device which would create the next new god.Twenty-one-year-old Ulrich trembled. Though he had only met the great founder of the Institute, Dr. Henry Blavatsky, and the great man's wife, Alice Bailey, when he was much younger, their vision of an enlightened world always stuck with Ulrich. It inspired him through his teenage years, and he was glad to come work for the Institute.Even if it meant working beneath his mother.When the second Goddess revealed a mother and a son could love each other in ways the rest of the world thought was wrong, it touched something in Ulrich, awakened something he didn't know lurked in him. He ached for his mother.He just didn't have the courage to talk to the dominating woman. To tell her what he wanted. He yearned for that boldness, to seize her, bend her over her desk, and fuck her. Or to even have her just want him.He pushed down those thoughts as he lifted the Halo, appearing as nothing more than a golden ring, from its charging port and stasis nullifier. The ring clicked free of the white crèche it sat in, the five to its left empty, the six to the right ready to be used.Even through the white gloves he wore he could feel the power of the holy artifact. Awe filled him. His knees trembled.His heart pounded.If only he we were worthy of this device. If only he could be a new god. He turned and, treading on his cloth booties over his shoes, he carried the Halo towards its box. With reverence, holding his breath, he sat it into the packing peanuts. He made sure it was secure, protected for its journey to the new god or goddess. He sat the owner's manual in next, the cover printed in a dozen different languages, then he sealed the box with brown packing tape.He lifted the cardboard container and marched to the door. The airlock hissed as it cycled. He stepped into the entrance to the clean room, nudging the button thrusting out of the wall. The door behind him closed. A light changed. The door before him opened. With a sigh, Ulrich pulled back the cloth hood, exposing his short, black hair. Then he removed his breathing mask, a sweaty band of skin marking the rubber gasket of the filter.He sat the box down by the shipping computer and printed out the label. He felt his mother's eyes on him now, watching from her office over the warehouse floor. She ran the shipping department. Like with every one of the halos, she watched him from her office overlooking the shipping floor. Normally, it bustled with workers getting ready to mail the various electronic components the Institute made to finance their true work.The printer whirled. A label ejaculated out, the edges warm. A shiver ran through Ulrich as he glanced down at it and read the recipient's name.“Henry Archer...” Awe tingled through him at the name of the new god. Who is Henry Archer? What will he teach?Ulrich hoped for inspiration as he stuck the shipping label on the device. He smoothed it on, making sure it stuck. His finger, still clad in the clean room glove, ran across the nascent god's name. Soon the Halo would change Henry.Apotheosis...Godhood...Ulrich stepped back and licked his lips. He glanced up at the office, at his beautiful mother watching, her black hair falling about her round face. A knot clenched about his stomach. He drew in a deep breath and called up to her, “Let drone control know, the Halo is ready.”A smile crossed his mother's lips.The young man wished he had the courage to follow the Second Goddess's teachings.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~“Your mom is the second hottest,” my friend Teo said as Mrs. Hayley left the room, leaving behind some snacks for us to enjoy.Noah scowled, shaking his head at that pronouncement about his mother. He pushed up his glasses and asked, “Second hottest? Whose the first?”My mother? I couldn't admit that, even if my friend Noah seemed more mad that his blonde mother wasn't the hottest. Though Mrs. Hayley wore those tight jeans that showed off her great ass, and she was forever wearing those low-cut blouses.But her tits just weren't big as my mother's. My cock tingled as I shifted, sitting in Noah's bedroom with my friends, bull-shitting like we normally did after classes. Teo, our Hispanic friend, ran a hand through his short, black hair and glanced at me. “D'uh, it's Henry's mom. She's got those big, huge tatas.” He held his hands before his chest, his fingers flexing. “The way they bounce... They are perfect.”A thrill ran through me, the memory of my mom's bouncing tits flaring in my mind, even as I scowled and said, “Naw, no way my mom's the hottest. She's my mom.”“Oh, she is the hottest,” Rick laughed, the ginger sitting on Noah's bed, XBox controller gripped in his hand. “Henry, your mom has tits to die for.”I couldn't let my friends know I had the hots for my mom, too, that I masturbated to her more than any other woman I knew. I didn't jackoff half as much to the other girls at our college, not even Cherry. Whether our fellow juniors, the cute freshman, or the sultry seniors, it was my mom who dominated my fantasies. My mom and a few of my friend's sexy mothers. A bevy of hot MILFs. So i lied, saying “Naw,Teo, it's your mom. I can't focus at all when I'm in her class. She could teach us all so much.”“Oh, definitely,” Rick nodded, staring at the screen. “Mmm, I love watching your mom's ass, Teo.”“What?” Teo growled, sitting up straight. “Vato, you think you can stare at my mom's ass without getting your ass whooped.”“You're talking about my his mom's tits and panting after Noah's fine-assed mother,” Rick said, shrugging and still playing Call of Duty. His forehead furrowed. “Fucking hacks. I swore that asshole is aimbotting.”“Well, your mom's hot, too, Rick,” Teo said, bristling. “I spank it to her ass all the time. I saw her bend over once and I could tell she wasn't wearing panties.”Rick just shrugged, staring at the screen.My phone buzzed in my pocket. I frowned and pulled it out and blinked at the strange text message from a number I didn't remember.CONGRATULATIONS Henry Archery!!!You have been chosen by our top team of researchers for our exciting new product! The Halo is the answer to all your life's needs. Tired of lacking the confidence to admit what you crave? Tired of feeling too scared to seize what you crave?Well you're in luck. Our patented Halo mind control technology will allow you to take control of the people in your life and mold them to your wishes.I know you are as excited as we by this amazing possibility. Out of all the billions of people in this world, we think you are one of the TWELVE lucky candidates to utilize this ground-breaking technology.So congratulations and get ready to seize your new life!Your package should arrive in moments by drone. Enjoy!Sincerely,Deidre Icke, Esq.President of The Institute of Apotheosis Research“The fuck,” I muttered, staring at he phone.“Staring at pics of Teo's mom?” Noah asked, leaning over to look over my shoulder.“Just spam,” I said, turning off my phone's screen and thrusting it in my pocket. “Though I wish I did have a pic. Teo, can you snap some of your mom getting out of the shower or something?”“Oh, vato, you are asking for a whooping,” Teo said, cracking his knuckles.“You aren't going to do anything,” Rick said. He leaned forward. “Oh, I got you now. Think you can—“Fucking hacks!” he swore and threw the controller down onto the bed.“Hey!” Noah gasped. “Don't throw my controller around. Geez, man.”“I had him. I was unloading on him, had him dead to rights, and he just turned around and fired once. Boom, headshot, and I'm dead. Fucking hacks, man. I'm getting sick of it.”“Maybe you just suck at CoD,” I said, wanting to adjust my swelling dick. I couldn't get my mother out of my thoughts. Last week, I caught her coming out of the bathroom in only her bra and panties. Her tits were almost spilling out of that struggling brassier. And the way they bounced...I would do anything to feel those tits wrapped about my dick. For my mom to just please me. She had such a fine body. She worked out. Her ass was tight, like Noah's mom, and I could just enjoy her. Fuck her.Pound the shit out of her.It would be great to fuck a girl. To fuck my mom like she was a slut.“God, look at Henry, he's drooling over Teo's mom,” Noah said, snatching up his controller.“She makes math interesting,” Rick said. “One MILF teacher plus one horny student equals one hot time. She's got those cock-sucking lips, you know.”“Vato, dude, that's my mom,” Teo said. “She's not a puta like your mom.”“It'd be nice if she was though,” Rick said, leaning back. “Damn, I want to go home and stroke one out to your mom, Teo.”“You all are fucking assholes,” Teo growled and stood up. “You started it,” Noah said, “by drooling over my mom.”Teo started for the door when a knock wrapped it. “Henry, honey,” my mom said. She was visiting Noah's mom, the pair good friends who ran a craft-making business together. “A, uh, a package's arrived for you.”“Here?” I asked. Noah and I lived on the same street. We grew up together, friends as long as I could remember. But still, why would it be here?The door opened and my gorgeous, busty mother entered. My dick twitched so hard in my jeans as I gained my feet. My cheeks were so warm, so aware of the bulge tenting the front of my pants. Her black, curly hair fell about that gorgeous face. Mature and friendly, a smile playing on those lips I thought about blowing my dick so many times.My mom had plump, cock-sucking lips. “Hey, Mrs. Archer,” Teo said, his voice sounding smooth. He thought of himself as a player, though like the rest of us, he struck out with the girls at our college. “You're looking... nice.”“Oh, thanks, Teo,” my mom said in that friendly voice as she thrust the cardboard box at me. “Here you go, honey.”My cheeks warmed as I took the box from her, pulling it to my crotch to hide my hardon. “Uh... thanks, Mom.”She gave me a big smile then turned, her dress falling about her rump. I tried not to stare at that ass. What I wouldn't give to squeeze that ass. Then she closed the door behind her. Teo let out a low groan.“Your mom is the hottest,” Teo said.“Yeah,” Rick said, his voice also tight. “That ass.”“Shut up,” I groaned, my cheeks burning.“So, what's that?” Noah asked, his eyes narrowing behind his glasses.“Don't know.” I stared down at it. The Institute of Apotheosis... The text message flashed through my mind. “Why did it come here. It has my address on it.”“Postman fucked up again,” Rick said. “They always deliver our mail to our neighbors.”“But mail's already come,” Noah said. “Jesus, look at the time. It's past seven.”“Open it up,” Teo said. “Yeah, what's in it?” Rick asked.“Don't know,” I said, frowning. I attacked the packing tape, ripping it open. The box open. Packing peanuts spilled out. An instruction manual lay on top declaring it the Halo. “What the fuck?”I sat aside the manual on the floor by me and fished around in the Styrofoam pellets. They shifted and rustled. I brushed something metallic in it. I drew it out, packing peanuts cascading around it, some falling onto the floor. I held up the gold ring, its circumference about the diameter of my head.“Ordering some bling?” Rick asked, leaning over.“Bling doesn't come with stereo instructions,” Noah said, snagging the manual. He flipped it opened and frowned.“What?” I asked, turning the gold ring in my hand, tingles racing through my skin. “What's up with that look?”“It's just...” Noah's face contorted. “Dude, are you fucking with us?”“What?” I gave him a look.“What's up?” Rick asked, shifting on the bed to read over Noah's shoulder.“It's just...” Noah shook his head, turning the page. “This is some crazy shit. Nanites... Mind control... Brain waves...” He flipped to the front and read, “Instruction Manual for the Halo, trademarked.”“Halo?” I frowned.“Mind control?” Teo asked. “Da fuck?”Noah looked up. “Dude, how much time did you spend working on this.”“Work on what?” I asked, getting annoyed, the gold ring growing warmer in my hand.“This!” Noah waved the book. “Look at this. It's in a dozen different languages.” He opened it up to a page in Chinese characters. “This is a lot of work to make a prank. You really think we're dumb enough to fall for mind control?”“I...” I shook my head. “No. I didn't do this.”“Right.” Noah pushed up his glasses.I stared at the ring. Mind control... My forehead furrowed. The text message mentioned... controlling people.“Well, put it on and 'control' us, vato,” Teo said, folding his arms, his features scrunching. His golden-brown skin gave him a fierce look. “Do it. Let's see this joke.”“Not a joke,” I muttered, squirming as my three friends stared at me. My cheeks burned. I hated their scrutiny. I squirmed my shoulders. “I didn't make this. It's not a mind control device.”“Don't be a pussy,” Rick said. “You set this up. Play it out.”“Yeah, vato. You thought we were idiots, so, gotta pay.” He pulled out his phone and aimed it at me. “And smile while you do it.”“You guys are assholes,” I muttered. “I'm getting punked. Probably Noah set it up. He knows how to spoof phone numbers and send weird text messages.”I stared at Noah, expecting to see him fighting a grin the way he always did when he was trying to hide a joke. He was such a bad liar. But he just stared at me, waiting, the instruction manual held in his hand.“Fine,” I muttered. I brought the gold ring onto my forehead. “This better not show up on your Facebook feed, Teo.”He just gave me a shit-eating grin.I settled the Halo on my head and...Tingles raced across my body. I gasped as my thoughts suddenly prickled. Spots of darkness danced in my eyes as I shook my head. I let out a groan. That fucker Noah electrified it or something. My fist smacked down on my thigh a few times as I let out a groan through my clenched teeth.“What the fuck, Noah?” I snarled.Noah stared at me pale-faced. He scooted back from me an inch. Teo stood rigid, his phone still held on me. The bed creaked as Rick shifted behind me. I frowned at my friends, seeing them staring at me with such shock. Rick's freckles stood out against his white face, his ginger hair almost glowing in contrast.“What?” I muttered, standing up, my thoughts prickling.“The ring vanished,” Teo said.“The nanites activated and... melted into your head,” Noah said.“It just... just... disappeared,” Rick said.I frowned at them. “Are you guys fucking with me?”As my thoughts tingled, all three of them said some variation of, “No.”I stood up, my eyes flicking from my friends as I ran my hand through my hair, searching for the ring and... I didn't feel anything. My fingers slid through my hair not touching anything. My hand swept across my head, my fingers questing.“Where did it go?” More prickling itched my mind.“It vanished,” Teo said.“Melted away,” Rick answered.“The nanites activated and bonded with you,” Noah said. “Just like it describes in here.” He shook the instruction manual at me. “I mean... We're answering your questions. It really worked.”“Are you saying I have mind control powers?” I asked, looking at Noah.“Yes.”They were all fucking with me. Assholes. I glared at Teo, annoyed at him for getting mad at us talking about his mom. They wanted to play, I would see how far they take it. “Teo, you ever jerked off to your mom?”My thoughts burned. I groaned and swayed at the pain as Teo answered, “All the fucking time. I love spanking it to my mom and... ¡Mierda! I mean... I... I...”Rick stared at me in awe. “Dude, you really got mind control powers. That's so fucking cool.”Teo shook his head. He trembled then stared down at his phone. He cursed and shoved it into his pocket. His eyes grew wild. He looked around at us. “I... I... I don't mean... It's just... She's just...”Did I really have mind control powers. “Rick, Noah, do you ever jerk off to your own mom?”Needles stabbed into my brain. Darkness fuzzed around the edge of my vision. I stumbled, grabbing the post of Noah's bed to stay standing. Rick let out a groan while Noah gasped.“Yeah,” Noah said, voice slow. “I mean... Those pants she wears.”“I want to fuck my mom so badly,” Rick said. “I think about it all the time.”“So do I,” I said, the words spilling out of my mouth as I stared at my friends. “I jerk off to all our moms, but especially my own.”“Jesus, are we all perverts?” Rick asked.Noah gave a nervous laugh. “I've seen Teo's porn collection. I'd say... yes.”“What?” Teo gasped, shooting a look at Noah. My eighteen-year-old friend groaned. “This is messed up. All of us? I mean... my mom... She's just so...”“Yeah,” I nodded, Mrs. Rojas dancing in my thoughts. I pictured her just the way she looked teaching math at my collegel, that feisty, Latina MILF making my dick so hard. Then Rick's redheaded mother sauntered through my thoughts, joining Noah's blonde mom and my busty mother. I wanted to fuck them all. I wanted to use them all. Our eyes flicked around the room. I could see it in my friends faces. We were all thinking the same things. Our mothers were dancing through our thoughts. I pictured them naked, kneeling, staring at us with such adoration and...Mind control...A loud knock rapped on the door moments before Mrs. Aubrey stuck her head in, her blonde hair flowing about her lush face. I stared at Noah's mom as she gave us all frosty looks. “Boys, Mrs. Archer and I are trying to talk about our business. Keep it down. Really.”Mind control...“You think it's great that we're being loud,” I said, a surge of confidence rippling through me. The realization of what I could do seized me, my dick so hard in my jeans with the depraved fantasies surging through my mind. I so wanted to get laid. I so wanted to fuck my mom.My friend's moms.My thoughts prickled, not as bad as getting my friends to admit they whacked off to their mothers. Mrs. Haley shook her head, her blonde tresses swaying about that gorgeous face of hers. Her brow furrowed, blue eyes flicking from side to side.“Well... I...” She frowned. “I mean, I guess... You boys can be loud as you want. I'm sorry.” Her cheeks went scarlet. “I'm not sure what I'm doing here.”It really worked. This wasn't just my friends committing to a prank so thoroughly that they would admit something so private, something they all thought made them perverts and couldn't imagine anyone else having the same desires. I changed Mrs. Haley's opinion. I rewrote her thoughts to accept something new.“I know why you're here,” I said. I could do this. I could satiate that ache in my cock. I didn't have to be ashamed of my fantasies. Not if my friends had the same ones.Not if I could make people do what I want.“It's to take off your top and show us your tits!” I commanded.“What?” Noah gasped as real pain struck me.It hurt far, far worse than making my friends admit they masturbated. I gripped the bed post, the world swimming around me. I let out such a groan of agony, grunting through my teeth. I shook my head, my vision clearing and...I saw the most beautiful sight in the world.Mrs. Haley,国产粉嫩高中生第一次不戴套 looking so confused at herself as she pulled off her low-cut top, unveiled her round breasts held in a dark-red bra. Her tits jiggled as she dropped her blouse on the floor. The MILF reached behind her and unhooked her bra clasp.“Why am I doing this?” she asked, panic thick in her words. “I can't stop! I shouldn't be doing this.”I realized that though I ordered her to do it, it's not something she understood. It didn't make sense to her that she would do this. She normally wouldn't bare her tits to her son and his eighteen-year-old friends and—Thoughts vanished as I witnessed my first pair of live tits. Mrs. Haley's breasts jiggled as she pulled her bra straps off her shoulders and slipped the cups off those wondrous boobs. They swayed, a pair of pillowy, pale-white breasts topped with fat, dusky areolas, her nipples soft. Not hard at all. She trembled, making them jiggle as she dropped her bra.“Why did I just do that?” she asked, panic in her voice.Rick and Teo both let out strangled groans. Noah bolted to his feet, running over to his mom to grab her blouse. I had to take control. I couldn't be distracted by my first ever pair of live tits. Mrs. Haley was on the verge of bolting, her blue eyes wild.“You took off your top because your a wanton slut that wants to pleasure your son and his friends!” I commanded, braced for the painful needles stabbing into my brain. A thousand, thousand points of pricking agony hit me. My hands clenched as I growled, channeling the sensation into my voice. “You're a whore for your son and his friends like every mother should be!”It wasn't just Mrs. Haley that heard that last command. I could feel my friends groaning, shaking their heads. Noah half-froze, his eyes widening as he realized just what his mother was. A whore. A slut. A MILF eager to please.“Oh... Oh, yes,” Mrs. Haley gasped, her nipples puckering hard, thrusting fat from her areolas as her hips wiggled. “I... I... I am.”“And slut-mother's suck their sons cocks!” I barked. This time... This time there wasn't any pain at all. This time, she... accepted my command. She already knew she was a whore for her son. And whores... sucked cocks.Without hesitation, right there in the doorway of Noah's room, his mother fell to her knees, her tits bouncing, and attacked his jeans. Noah threw a look at me, his blue eyes wide behind his glasses. He worked his mouth.“Dude, just enjoy,” I commanded him, a small prickle tingling my thoughts. “Your mother's our whore.”“Yes,” he groaned as his mother unzipped his pants. My dick ached so hard as I witnessed the incestuous passion on Mrs. Haley's face. She had such hunger spilling across her expression as she pulled her son's prick out of his boxers. Noah groaned as his mother engulfed his cock.The first of us to ever have a girl touch our cocks. And it was his mother.I almost jizzed in my pants watching Mrs. Haley's mouth bob up and down her son's cock. She had skill at sucking cocks. Her ruby lips worked up and down his shaft as her cheeks hollowed. Her hands were busy, one stroking the base of his cock, the other fondling his balls.Teo, Rick, and I watched without saying a word. We couldn't look away. The only sounds were Noah's groans and the wet, slurping sucks his mother made as she loved him. Mrs. Haley's blonde hair swayed about her face while her tits jiggled.“Mom,” groaned Noah. “Oh, god, Mom.”My heart thudded in my chest. I couldn't look away from the incestuous sight. Mrs. Haley swallowed so much of her son's dick. What did that feel like? I knew I'd find out. I'd get to enjoy all my friend's mothers. I'd get to enjoy my own mother.I squeezed my cock through my jeans watching Mrs. Haley. It was the best porn I'd ever seen. She loved her son's dick. She massaged his balls, so eager for his cum to erupt into her mouth. I knew she would swallow it.Sluts always swallowed.“Mom!” Noah groaned, his voice so throaty. “Jesus, Mom. I... I... Oh, fuck!”Mrs. Haley's cheeks bulged. Then she gulped. I groaned as I listened to her swallow her son's cum. Her eyes squeezed shut. She let out a purring sound like it was the greatest thing she ever tasted in her life. Her mouth slid up his shaft, her cheeks sucking the entire way. Noah grunted a final time.Then his mom popped her mouth off his dick. “Ooh, that tasted so good. Mmm, was I such a good slut-mother for you, huh?”“Yes,” Noah groaned.Then I heard, “Aubra, what are you doing with your son!”It was time for my slut-mother to join the fun.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ulrich Geller watched the feed from drone control. It came online just in time to witness a blonde woman pulling her mouth away from a young man with a similar color hair, the spycam peering into a boy's bedroom from near the ceiling. “Ooh, that tasted so good. Mmm, was I such a good slut-mother for you, huh?”Slut-mother... What is the new god teaching? Ulrich glanced at his own mother surrounded by the half-dozen other guys who worked in shipping, all of them witnessing their new God's birth.Then a woman shouted and the God—Ulrich could tell it was the black-haired young man by the way he stood—grinned. “Mom, get in here and get naked!”Ulrich's dick was at full mast. Slut-mother...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The pain hurt, but it was so worth it as my mother squeezed past the kneeling Mrs. Hayes to enter Nora's room, her eyes so wide. I could see the near-panic tensing my mom's expression as she entered the middle of the room and then attacked the buttons of her dress. She tossed her head around, staring at my three friends gazing at her with such hungry eyes.Then at me.“Henry, honey,” she groaned as her fingers worked down her blouse. “Why am I doing this? Why did you tell me to get naked?”I grinned, savoring my power. I had lusted for my mom for so long. Since my dad died a few years ago, and she started dating. Started letting other men enjoy this body of hers. I heard her a few times, having sex with them. If she could be a slut for strangers, why not for her own son?“You're my whore now, Mom,” I said, hands clenched against the pain. It hurt, but... not as bad as those first ones. My thoughts prickled and boiled. I almost expected blood to pour out of my ears. “Like every mother should be. You're my slut. For me. For my friends. It makes you so wet. You need cocks to fuck you. Young cocks. My cock, Mom.”“Oh, my god,” she groaned and began stripping faster. She ripped open her blouse, her big tits bouncing in a black bra trimmed with lace. It was a bra meant to be seen. Why else have that delicate lace around the edge? It wasn't a bra for a mother.But a whore.It even clasped in the front.“Mierda,” groaned Teo as my mother unveiled her tits.“Yeah,” Rick said, his voice equally strained by awe.I just groaned as my mother's soft, pillowy breasts came into view. They were just so delicious. So soft and pliant. They jiggled and shook as she trembled. Her nipples thrust dark-red from wide areolas centered on those huge mounds. She shrugged out of her bra, staring at me with such hunger in her dark eyes.“Ooh, do you like staring at my tits, honey?” Mom asked, her voice cooing, sounding so breathy, nothing at all like her normal motherly tones.“Yes, I do,” I groaned as she popped the fastener of the jeans she wore. Her zipper rasped, a pair of matching panties appearing in her open fly.“Mmm, I've noticed you staring at them, honey. I tried hard not to let it bother me. To not flaunt them. I know you're a growing, young man with all those hormones brimming in you but... Mmm, I never realized how hot you were. How much I... I want you. You make my pussy so hot.”I smiled, listening to my whore-mom speak. “You want me the most, Mom. My dick makes you wetter than any others. But you also want to fuck my friends.”“They're just such cute boys,” she purred, wiggling out of her jeans. She glanced over her shoulder. “I see why you're sucking your son's cock, Aubra.”“It's just such a wonderful dick, Joni,” Mrs. Haley answered. She licked her son's half-hard dick, making Noah groan.“And you boys,” my mom purred, eyes flicking to Teo and Rick. She bent over as she took off her pants, thrusting her ass right at them. “You're cute, too.”“Damn,” Rick groaned.Teo only nodded his head, staring in awe at my mom's panty-clad rump.I smiled with pride. I did have the hottest mom in the world. Every guy should appreciate that. Should know that she was my sexy mommy-slut. My dick was lead in my jeans as she stepped out of her pants and then hooked the waistband of her panties. She turned around and wiggled her fine rump at me.“I know you like looking at my ass, too, honey,” she purred as she shoved her panties off her hips over the swell of her butt.“Yes,” I groaned as she bent over, her bubbly rear swaying before me. She kept sliding her panties down lower and lower, revealing her trimmed, black bush hiding the pussy that birthed me. I licked my lips, staring at that sight, knowing I was about to lose my virginity to my mother's slutty cunt.“Mmm, now you don't have to imagine,” she groaned, working her panties down her thighs. She did this with such grace. It wasn't the first time she'd stripped for a man, exciting him with her body's curvy delights. “You can see me naked whenever you like. I'm your slut-mom.”“Uh-huh,” Mrs. Haley moaned. Then she sucked on Noah's cock, swelling life back into her son.Without being told, my mom turned and fell to her knees before me. “Let me take care of you, honey. You're so hard. No more masturbating in your room. I always knew when you had to sneak off after staring at me. Part of me... Part me found it exciting. Now... Now I don't have to feel ashamed about it, do I?”“A slut never feels ashamed about pleasing a man,” I commanded. “Especially her son.”A shudder ran through her as just a slight tingle raced through my thoughts. I banished any guilt from her. She ripped down my jeans with such eagerness to be my whore. I groaned as my boxers came next. My dick flopped out hard before her.“Mmm, you got your father's size,” she cooed, grabbing my dick.“Were you his slut?” I asked.“Just his wife,” she moaned. “I'm your slut, honey. You and your friends.”Then she engulfed my dick.My mother's warm, wet mouth swallowed the tip of my cock. Her tongue swiped and swirled around it, stimulating the sensitive crown. Pleasure surged down my shaft to my balls. I let out a groan, my hands ripping off my shirt as the incredible rapture flowed through me. It was so much better than beating off with my hand into my sock.This was my mom's mouth.My mom sucked my cock.Dizzy, incestuous lust assaulted me as she moaned about my cock. She sucked with such enthusiasm just like Mrs. Haley did for Noah's cock on round two. My friends all stared at me, Rick and Teo staring with such envy, Noah grinning like an idiot.I grinned back.Our mother's bobbed their mouths on our dicks. They pleased us like the slut-mom's they were now. I shuddered, my mother twisting her head, adjusting where the tip of my dick rubbed inside her mouth. I groaned at her skill. At the pleasure she shot through me.“Oh, damn, Mom,” I gasped. “I'm not going to last long. This is... this is too good.”Her mouth popped off my dick long enough to moan, “That's okay, honey. Just enjoy.”She sucked even harder the second time. Her mouth took so much of my cock in a single bob. Her hands grabbed my ass, holding on so tightly as the suction reached down to my aching balls. Eighteen years of living, and a girl, a woman, finally touched my dick. My mom...“Fuck!” I groaned as my orgasm exploded through me.Incestuous pleasure pulsed from my cock as I unloaded my jizz into my mother's hungry mouth. I fired blast after blast into her as my entire body quaked. I grabbed a fistful of her black hair as I trembled. I dumped my cum into her hungry mouth.She swallowed it with such passion. I could hear each gulp as the ecstasy slammed into my mind. My head tossed back. I groaned, my heart thundering in my chest. Every muscle in my body spasmed as the rapture jolted through my body.“Swallow it all, whore!” I groaned as she sucked so hard. She was so eager for it. She moaned out in satisfaction as she gulped down my last blast.I swayed, breathing heavily, my first orgasm at the hands—the mouth—of another billowing through me. Mom's tongue swept across the sensitive tip of my dick while my cock ached and throbbed, staying hard in her mouth.I was just so excited.“On your hands and knees!” I groaned. “I need to fuck your pussy, Mom! I have to use your cunt!”Her mouth flew off my dick. Spit and dribbles of my cum ran down her chin. “Yes! Yes! You have to fuck me, honey! I'm so hot and wet for you. I need you in me so badly.”My mom spun around onto her hands and knees, her tits heaving. Then she shook that bubbly rump at me. I groaned at the jiggle of her butt-cheeks. I knew I'd break in her asshole. But not yet. I had to enjoy her cunt first. I had to bury back into the pussy that birthed me.It was all my fantasies come true.“I need that too, Noah,” Mrs. Haley moaned. “You're hard again. Please, please, fuck my cunt.”“Yes, Mom,” croaked Noah as she, too, fell onto her hands and knees.“While you fuck your son, suck Rick's cock,” I groaned, wanting to see the whore getting spit-roasted by her son and my friend.“Hell, yeah,” Rick groaned and rushed over, fumbling at his jeans.Teo shot me a look, pleading with me. I grinned at him. He shouldn't have been an asshole. “Just have to wait until I'm done fucking my mom's cunt. Maybe I'll let the slut suck your dick.”“Mmm, I'd love to,” my mom purred as I fell to my knees behind her. “I've never sucked two guys dicks in the same night. But... I've always wanted to. I've... masturbated to you before, Teo.”My friend straightened and grinned.“And me, Mom?” I asked, bringing my cock to her silky bush.“A few times,” she whimpered. “You look just so much like your father. Just so handsome and—“Honey!” she gasped as I rammed into her pussy.Her words just set me off. My mom masturbated to me. She wanted to be my slut. I savored sliding into her silky depths, feeling her hot sheath squeezing about me. I came from this cunt. She birthed me. I was back in my mother.And it felt incredible.Nearby, Mrs. Haley groaned as Noah pounded into her. Then her moans cut off as Rick buried his cock into her mouth. The two fucked her from both ends, making her tits sway. Her jeans and panties were bunched around her knees. Her blonde hair bounced as she whimpered, her cheeks hollowing as she loved Rick's dick.I loved it. I made my mother and Noah's into such sluts. I slid my hands up my mother's side until I grasped her swinging tits. I gripped them hard, feeling their pillowy softness as I plowed her with all my force. I fucked her so hard.“Mom!” I groaned, reveling in the incestuous heat of her cunt wrapped about my dick. “Oh, Mom, your cunt!”“Your dick, honey!” she whimpered, slamming her hips back into me, our flesh slapping together. My balls smacked into her trimmed bush. “Oh, yes, yes, yes! You're so thick! You're filling me up! I need this! I'm so wet for you, honey!”I squeezed her pillowy mounds, kneading them as the pleasure built and built in me. Every thrust into her juicy depths brought me closer and closer to spilling my seed into my mother's cunt. Into flooding the very hole that birthed me.It was so depraved. So wrong. All of society said this was taboo. That a son shouldn't fuck his mother. Why? It felt so amazing. Her pussy gripped me like my cock was made to fuck her twat. Like she had created me just to satiate her whore-cunt.“Yes, yes, yes, you're my whore!” I groaned. “My mommy-whore!”“I am!” she moaned, her hips swiveling, stirring her pussy around my dick.”“Just like you are, Mom,” Noah groaned. “Oh, my god, I've wanted to fuck your cunt so many times.”Mrs. Haley moaned about Rick's cock, bucking her hips back into her son's hard thrusts.“Dude, your mother is so hungry for my cum,” Rick groaned. “Shit, we're going to flood her.”“Yes!” Noah groaned.“¡Qué ojete!” muttered Teo.I thrust so hard into my mom's snatch, reveling in the grip of her pussy. My fingers found her nipples, so fat and hard. I used to suckle from them. Nurse from them. I tugged on them so hard. Her pussy clamped down hard on my dick.The pleasure surged through me. I groaned. My eyes squeezed shut. The heat swelled inside of me. I groaned, plowing with all my might into my mom's cunt. Every stroke brought me closer and closer to erupting in her.To soiling her snatch with my seed.“Oh, honey, you're going to make me explode!” she panted. “Ooh, I love having my nipples played with when being fucked!”I pulled hard on her nubs, stretching out her tits as I leaned over her, pounding her. Her cunt squeezed so hard on my dick as she squealed like a slut. I loved the sound. I loved the feel of her pussy wrapped about my cock.“Good,” I groaned. “I want you to cum on my dick, Mom. You always cum when I fuck you! Your pussy loves dick!”“Loves it!” she howled and then she exploded.Her pussy writhed about my cock. I shuddered as I buried into the incestuous depths that birthed me. Her cunt spasmed and convulsed. Those silky walls created such friction about my plunging dick. Pleasure shot down my shaft to my balls.My heavy nuts smacked into her cunt. Her juices gushed out of her, bathing them. It was such a warm tide. I groaned as I experienced it. I tugged on her nipples again, my orgasm building and building in me.“Mom!” I groaned.“Cum in me, honey!” she begged. “Just explode! Use my cunt! It's yours, honey! Yours!”Those words were so depraved. I made her into my nasty slut. I loved this. I thrust so hard into her. I let out a deep, grunting moan of bliss as I buried to the hilt in her. I filled her to the brim with my cock.My spunk erupted.My jizz exploded out of my cock and into my slut-mother's hot pussy. The orgasm spasmed through my body and slammed ecstasy into my mind. My thoughts melted into euphoric bliss as I lived out my most depraved fantasy.“Yes, yes, yes!” howled my mom. “You're cumming in me, honey! You're using your slut-mother's pussy!”“I am!” I groaned through the pleasure while her still-spasming cunt milked my dick.She wrung me dry, her whore-pussy so eager for every drop. I slammed into her one final time, pinching her nipples hard as the pleasure fired one last blast of rapture into my mind. My back arched. I hovered for a heartbeat—an eternity—of incestuous rapture.Then it passed.I panted and gasped, leaning over my mom. Nearby, Noah and Rick grunted as they fucked Mrs. Haley, firing their spunk into the slut-mother's holes, giving that MILF what she craved. My mom purred, wiggling beneath me.“Oh, honey, that was so good.” My mom shivered, her pussy clenching on my still-hard dick. “Mmm, can I suck on Teo's dick? Please, please, your friend looks like he needs it. And I'm all of your boys' slut, not just yours. You should share, honey.”“Yeah,” I groaned. I smiled. “Yeah, I do need to share. We all do. Mother's are just such sluts. We need a club to celebrate it?'“A club, vato?” Teo asked as my mom crawled off my dick. I groaned as my cock plopped out of my mom's cunt. Her pink gash stayed open, my cum dribbling out to mat down her black bush. “Yeah, the Mother Fucking Club.”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ulrich groaned as he glanced at his mother. She shuddered, feeling his gaze. “The Mother Fucking Club...” he said, rubbing at his dick. “You heard our new God, Mother. You're a slut. For me. For my friends.”The other guys of the Institute's shipping department nodded their head in agreement, staring at their MILF boss.To be continued...



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