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you get right on here4399视频免费观看在线观看

Me, My Girlfriend and Her Best Friend: Part Four – Day ThreeMARCH 2007The sun had been up for almost two hours before I woke up on the floor of the living room.  The cobwebs in my head cleared as I registered where I was.  I was lying on my side and could feel the warmth of Belinda's naked body against my chest.  My arm was draped across her.  In front of her was the sleeping form of Marcella.  We'd had an amazing night.I sat up and yawned as quietly as I could.  Staring down at the two of them, I smiled in silence.  During all of the years that had passed, I had seldom allowed myself to hope that the three of us might share just one more night together.  After everything we had talked about the previous evening, it was looking like there would be many more to come. I reached down to caress Belinda's bare shoulder.  Her body slowly rolled onto it's back and her eyes squinted open just wide enough to meet my admiring stare.  A warm smile spread across her face as the top of the white blanket she was under slid just below her perfect breasts.  I had no delusions about how lucky I was.  What the three of us were doing was NOT common.“Hungry?” I asked.“Starving.” she smiled.I rose from the floor and ambled into the dining room where I'd left my pants the night before.  My boxers were still in a wet clump in the backyard beside the pool.  I slipped into my slacks, commando and headed into the kitchen.I dug around in the fridge and whipped up a quick breakfast.  When I entered the dining room, Belinda and Marcella were seated at the table.  Marcella was wearing my white undershirt.Belinda was wearing my tuxedo shirt and they both looked amazing in the soft morning light.  No one spoke as we ate our first meal together.After breakfast, we decided to watch a movie.  Upon entering the living room, Marcella casually pulled the white tee shirt over her head and tossed it aside.  Belinda followed suit and slid out of the dress shirt.  I smiled at them as they cuddled up to one another in front of the couch before I slipped out of my dress slacks.  We all sat together on the floor, leaning against the couch, naked and happy.  They sat on either side of me and we all held onto one another, sharing the occasional kiss.  There was no jealousy or awkwardness...  Only joy.  It was a glimpse of the future we had been talking about.  It was paradise.After the movie, we walked, naked, into the backyard and bright daylight.We climbed into the hot tub.We smoked cigarettes and discussed the future.  We smiled and we kissed.  After a while we decided to shower.We stepped into the shower, kissing and washing each others bodies under the cascading warm water.  Marcella picked up the woman's razor that was set on the tiled window sill.  She then rubbed the flat area just above her narrow slit with her fingertips.  "I'm getting a little stubbly down there..." she observed.  Typically, Marcella was completely shaved down there and I had to admit, it was a look I enjoyed.  She stood 5'4.  Her Long straight hair was naturally black.  She had recently added some blond hi-lights that fell in random strands that looked really sexy and suited her well.  Her body was tan and lean, save for her natural C-cup breasts.Belinda and I watched as Marcella sat down on the tile seat of the walk in shower.  She then lathered up some shaving gel and spread it all over her pubic region."How often do you have to shave it?" Belinda asked curiously."Like, every three or four days." Marcella replied casually.  "Sometimes I get it waxed and that lasts a lot longer, but it hurts like a bitch.""I've done a bikini wax before but never all of it." Belinda admitted.Marcella carefully positioned the razor against the flat skin of her lower tummy, just above the foam triangle she had made and gently drug it downward.  "You've never shaved it all off?""No." Belinda answered absently as Marcella cut another line into the white lather.Marcella smiled up at her.  "Do you want to?"  Belinda smiled shyly.  Marcella then asked me "What do you think Chico?"I looked at her beautiful (then half shaved) pussy and smiled.  "Absolutely."Marcella finished up and rinsed off.  She then sat Belinda down and lathered up some more shaving gel.  "Spread 'em." Marci chaffed before applying the lather to Belinda's crotch, paying extra care to her short black landing strip.  She then handed the razor to Belinda.  As I watched Belinda render her pussy completely bare for the first time since she was a little girl, my cock began to grow in time with my pulse.  Belinda was busy being ultra careful not to cut herself, so naturally Marcella noticed my growing manhood first."Jesus, Chico! she laughed.  Belinda looked up to see my hardening phallus.  She smiled and went back to work.  "You know what?..  We should shave you too." Marcella smiled as she wrapped her arms around me."What?" I asked.  I do my share of man-scaping, but had never had the desire to shave myself down there...  Again, I would've done anything to make them happy."Yeah.  We should shave you.” Marci continued.  “Then all three of us can be all smooth like little kids." she smiled.  She hadn't said it seductively or anything, but it was still just so fucking sexy.  My cock finally rose to full attention.  Marcella moved closer to me, letting her wet breasts brush against my chest.  She lowered her right hand and found my swollen member and began to lightly slide a loose fist up and down it.  She leaned in closer.  Her breath was hot on my lips.  "Think of it Chico.  We can all pretend we're little kids and we can play 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours.'  Then you can tell us that your dick tastes like strawberries and trick us into sucking it."  She moaned, oozing sexuality as she pushed her soft breasts against me.  "Fun, right?"I smiled.Belinda was finishing up as Marcella spread the lather along the base of my shaft.  She then spread it down all over my balls, then up above my steel cock.  Belinda handed her the razor as she rinsed off her own newly hairless pussy.  It really did look amazing.Belinda was also 5'4.  She had long light brown hair that hung in wild natural curls.  Her complexion was darker than mine, but lighter than Marcella's.  Her ass, crotch and B-cup breasts were much paler than the rest of her body thanks to the two piece bikini she always wore.  She clearly spent a lot of time at the beach.Marcella had gotten down on her knees in front of me.  "Belinda.  Come down here and hold his dick for me." Marci politely requested.Belinda joined her on her knees and gripped the tip of my cock as Marcella placed the razor carefully against the base of my shaft.  She then drug it back slowly, cutting a line into the lather on my cock.  She worked her way around it, getting Belinda to hold it upward to get underneath, the whole time, making sure I was comfortable.Once she was finished with the bottom of the shaft, she went to work on the area above.  I was still as hard as a rock.  She drug the razor in slow careful lines, cutting away at the foamy triangle as she smiled at Belinda who was still holding on to my cock.  "You can jerk him off if you want to."  She had said it so casually that it sent another surge of blood down into my groin.  Belinda laughed playfully and began to gently stroke my wet shaft as Marci finished off the top area.As Belinda softly stroked me, Marcella pushed my knees apart and told Belinda to angle my cock upward.  Belinda followed Marcella's instructions and Marci delicately pinched the skin at the bottom of my scrotum.  Belinda watched with a broad smile as Marcella pulled my sack until the skin was flat.  She then placed the razor just under my cock and slowly drug it downward leaving in it's wake a clean and hairless line.  Belinda giggled and Marcella turned to her.  "Pour some conditioner on it."Belinda smiled.  "What about soap?"I laughed.  "No soap.  That shit burns.""Oh." Belinda cooed as she rolled her eyes.With that, Belinda poured a generous portion of conditioner into her palm and wrapped her fingers around me.  She formed a tight ring and began slipping it up and down my shaft, careful to keep it aimed upward as Marcella continued to carefully shave my scrotum.  Belinda was smiling up at me.  "Does that feel okay?""It feels fucking amazing." I laughed.  It really did.  She tightened her grip and continued to jerk me slow and slippery.Marcella finished the front and sides of my sack and then asked me to sit on the tile seat.  I sat down and placed my feet up by my ass so that Marcella could get the underside.  As Marcella continued her work, Belinda continued her slippery hand-job  I let out a soft moan to which Marcella said "Tell me if you're about to cum Chico.  I don't wanna accidentally cut your balls off or anything."I laughed briefly before going back to moaning at Belinda's slippery touch.Marcella finally finished and I was told to stand up and rinse myself off.  When I finished up, she and Belinda took a moment to admire my new 'smooth' look.  Belinda then dropped back down to her knees in front of me and poured some more conditioner into her palm.  She then spread it onto her other hand.  I slid my arm around Marcella's waist as she stood at my side and we both watched Belinda resume her work, only this time, she had come up with a new method.She lubed my cock with the conditioner again, only this time she used both hands.  She slid her right hand down the length of my shaft and then followed it immediately with her left.  By the time her left hand had reached the bottom, she had brought her right hand back to the top and continued to stroke me with both fists, one after the other, so that it was a constant downward motion.  The feeling was incredible."Yeah, stroke that big smooth cock." Marcella purred before kissing me deeply on the lips.Belinda continued her amazing new hand-job method and in just a couple of minutes, I was nearing orgasm.  I put my hands on my hips and moaned aloud.  Marcella reached down and used the excess conditioner to give me a slippery ball massage while Belinda slid her fists down my lubed cock."Oh...  Oh fuck." I moaned.  Then Marcella took it one step further."Tell him to cum on your face." Marcella smiled down at Belinda.Belinda leaned back and closed her eyes.  "Cum on my face baby...  I want you to cum all over my face."She tightened her grip and forced her slippery fists down my cock until an explosion of sticky white cum blasted across her forehead and settled in her damp hair.  A second blast hit her directly on her eyelid.  A third sputtered out across her upper lip and the last remaining gushes dribbled down her neck and breasts.Marcella happily wiped Belinda's face with a rag and Belinda opened her eyes.  She continued to softly stroke me and my nerve endings felt like they were on fire.  She smiled up at me and giggled like a school girl.She finally let go of my cock and rose to her feet.  Marcella washed Belinda's face and hair for her and the three of us kissed and laughed at our latest exploit before stumbling out of the shower and drying off.  We all giggled playfully at our new shaved parts, then lazily ambled back into the living room to lay back down on the floor together.It was around 11AM by then and I couldn't take my eyes off of their naked bodies.  It was relatively warm in the house and neither of them made any effort to cover themselves.  'Could it really be like this all the time from now on?' I wondered.  I thought to myself about how much I must have suffered in my previous lives to be so lucky in this one.  I had never been happier before in my entire life.Time passed easily and, before long, we were all at a loss for what to do next.  Surely, we would want to play with each others freshly shaved parts, I thought.  Truthfully, just being there with the two of them was enough to keep me happy.  We spent the next half hour just talking and laughing together.  We spoke briefly about Belinda's boyfriend Bruce.  About Marcella's husband John.  About my pseudo-girlfriend Amanda.  We didn't speak with concern or guilt though.  We simply acknowledged that we all had things to take care of, but we soon resolved that today was not the day for such concerns.  Today was for us.Somehow, the conversation drifted back to the photos stored in my phone.  Some were of the two of them.  Some were of other girls I had dated.  They asked me questions about the girls in the pictures.  I asked them questions too.  We talked about all kinds of experiences without guilt or judgment  It was incredible.  I then confessed that of all of the experiences I'd had, I still thought about the two of them (when I jerked off) with more frequency than anything or anyone else.“Okay, okay...  What is the ONE THING that you think about the most?” Marcella asked with a smile.“Summer of '99.” I said without a moments thought.“Yeah, but which part?” she persisted.  “I mean, There's got to be one specific event that comes up more often than any of the others."“Shit, I don't know.” I said.  “What about you?”“That time with the 'Blow-Pop!'” Marcella spat enthusiastically.  I knew exactly what she was talking about.“Oh, yeah.  Wasn't that the second time we all hooked up?” Belinda chimed in.“Technically, it was the third.” I said.  “What about you Belin?  Which one is your favorite?”“The bathroom at Chuck's party.” she smiled.“Ha-ha!  Which time?” Marcella laughed.  "We probably fucked in there like twenty times!"After more laughter, we all fell silent for a while.  Then, Marcella suddenly shot up as if she'd been struck by lightning.  “You guys know what we should do today?” she paused.  “We should re-enact each of our favorite memories!”“I'm in.” I erupted."Me too!" Belinda agreed.We all decided we would re-enact Marcella's memory first, since hers was the most specific...DEJA VU – PART I: MARCELLAThe three of us sat there on the living room floor as Marcella recounted every single detail she could remember from that day that had taken place eight years earlier in the living room of my mothers house.  Her memory was very vivid, and although Belinda and I remembered that day as well, there were a few details that we had either forgotten, or were never even aware of.  Once Marcella had finally completed the story, we set about recreating it as well as we could.Marcella took Belinda by the hand and disappeared into Gracie's old bedroom and began digging through her closet as I put on my slacks and under shirt.  After almost fifteen minutes, they returned.  They were both wearing short skirts that I remembered Gracie wearing back in high school.  Belinda was wearing a tight fitting spaghetti strap top and Marcella had on a short sleeve blouse that buttoned in the front.  They both looked absolutely gorgeous.Marcella sat me down in a chair across from the couch.  She then stood next to Belinda and faced me.  “Okay...  It's 1999.  I'm 19 years old.  Johnny, you're 19 too and Belinda, you're 20..." she smiled as she looked straight at me.  "So, One week ago, we were at your mom's house while she was at work.  We all got naked in the backyard while we were tanning and we all ended up having sex.”  She smiled, her excitement clearly showing.  “It was the first time you and I had ever done it.  It was also the first time Belinda and I ever went down on each other.  The next day was kinda weird between all of us and a few days later I finally talked to Belinda about it and found out that we were all cool with everything.  That's when Belinda and I came up with our little plan.  So now it's a week later, and the three of us are at your mom's empty house again.”Marcella then nudged Belinda.  Following her cue, Belinda walked over to me and pulled me to my feet.  “Baby.....” she paused before turning to Marcella.  “This is so weird...”.“Just say it.” Marcella playfully pleaded.“Fine.”  Belinda huffed as she turned back to me.  “Baby.  I talked to Marci and she's totally cool with everything that happened last week.”  Marcella looked around the room pretending not to hear her.  Belinda's eyes grew more serious.  “Actually, she was kinda into it...  So we came up with an idea.” Belinda giggled, momentarily unable to stay in character.“Be serious Belin!” Marcella laughed.  "It'll be more fun if you do it serious."“Okay, okay!...”  Belinda straightened her face once more and leveled her eyes at me.  “So, we decided that we wanted to put on a little show for you.” she hissed dramatically as she reached down to my crotch.  She slowly unzipped my pants and reached inside.  When her delicate fingers found my cock, she slowly pulled it out into the open air, exposing it to Marcella.Clearly, as teenagers, we had all seen too many porn movies.Belinda reached over and took hold of my wrist.  She then placed my hand over my cock and squeezed it closed around it.  “And we want you to watch us.” she whispered with genuine conviction.  She then wrapped her hand around mine and began sliding it back and forth along my hardening shaft.  "And we want you to make yourself cum." she oozed as she stepped away from me.  She then walked over to Marcella and they sat side by side on the couch. Marcella reached into her purse and produced a single strand of red licorice and began unwrapping it.  “Okay, now pretend this is a 'Blow-Pop.'” she smiled.  With that, she turned to Belinda and said: “That's when you started kissing me.”I watched them lean together and begin to softly peck each other on the lips.  They were both so beautiful, and in a magical way, it was taking me back to that day from our past.  Slowly, and with a feigned bashfulness, they began to open their mouths wider before finally beginning to touch tongues.  I watched the kiss grow deeper and more passionate for almost two full minutes before Marcella cleared her throat, prompting Belinda to move into the next part of the story. Belinda's delicate hands rose from her lap and found their way to the top button on Marcella's blouse.  I watched Marcella shyly lean back as Belinda began to unfasten each button.  Marci put a pretty convincing look of shock on her face as Belinda moved down the buttons.  “I thought we were only gonna kiss at first." Marcella narrated.  "I never thought Belinda would take my shirt off in front of you before she took off hers.” she gasped as Belin pulled the last button.  Belin then pulled the front of the shirt wide open and let it fall down past Marcella's shoulders, exposing her tan firm breasts.  "I wasn't wearing a bra that day.  I wasn't sure if Belinda knew that or not, but I suddenly felt really exposed."  Marcella then handed the licorice whip to Belinda.  “I could see you start rubbing your cock out of the corner of my eye.  I knew you were looking at my boobs and thinking about having sex with me... And I liked it, but I was still embarrassed” she paused as I began to jerk off.  “Then Belinda started rubbing the lolly-pop on my chest.”Belinda took the licorice whip and wet it in her mouth before dragging the sticky tip of it across Marcella's dark erect nipple.  Then she bent down and drew Marcella's nipple into her mouth and tongued at it.  Marcella then began telling us more about what was going through her mind back then.  She lightly giggled “You know, when you started sucking that sticky stuff off of my nipple, for some reason, I started pretending it was cum.” "Seriously?" Belinda looked up at her, smiling.  "Ha-ha!  Yeah...  I felt totally exposed, but all I kept thinking about was having Johnny's cum on my tits and the feel of your tongue licking it off.” Marcella ruminated."That's fucking hot." Belinda giggled as she continued tonguing Marcella's nipple.Marcella then took the licorice whip from Belinda.  They began kissing again, only this time there was less reluctance.  Belinda briefly pulled away from her and grabbed the hem of her own clinging top.  With one swift jerk, it was over her head and tossed aside, leaving her in just her bra and skimpy skirt.  She then reached behind her back for the clasp as Marcella smiled at her.  "I was so glad when you took your shirt off.  I was starting to feel really naked for a while.  Then I was like, I guess our little show is gonna be a lot more than kissing.  Ha-ha!" she laughed as Belinda's bra went slack and fell off of her shoulders, exposing her small perky breasts.I then pulled my tee shirt over my head as Marcella began to rub the wet tip of the licorice whip across Belinda's rising nipple.  Then, I unbuttoned my pants and let them slide down to the floor.  As I started stroking myself again, Marcella leaned into Belinda and began suckling the sticky licorice residue from her glistening nipple.  Marcella then turned to me and giggled "I wanted to look at you so bad that day!  I remember I couldn't believe you got naked!  I had never seen a guy jerk off until that night on the deck and I SOOO wanted to watch you jack off and make yourself cum!""Really?" I asked as I stroked myself."Fuck yeah!" she howled before going back to sucking Belinda's nipple.I was jerking off at a pretty rapid pace by that point.  The memories from that day combined with the new images I was seeing was overwhelming.  Marcella finally spoke again.  “When I was sucking the sucker stuff off Belinda's titties, I was still pretending it was your cum.” I had no idea that Marcella had been thinking all of those things.  Hearing it all from her perspective made the story so much hotter than it already was.  I couldn't wait to see what I would learn next.Belinda then slid off of the couch to the floor, just as Marcella had told her to earlier.  "Now, this part scared the shit out of me!" Marcella hooted.Belinda knelt in front of her and began pushing her thighs apart.  Marcella smiled down at her as she opened her legs.  "Seriously, I had no idea you were going to do this!" Marci laughed.  Belinda then pushed Marcella's skirt up around her tummy, exposing her white panties to me.  Belinda then slipped her finger tips beneath the crotch of Marcella's panties and pulled them over to the side, exposing Marcella's beautiful hairless cunt.  I could see that she was already getting wet.I slightly tightened my grip on my cock as Belinda sensuously pressed her tongue against Marcella's glistening clit.  The memories from that day flooded my mind.  They were incredibly similar to everything I was seeing.  Marcella began to moan softly as Belinda began to gently lap at her snatch.  I remembered not being sure how far they were going to go with their little show that day and fighting as hard as I could to keep from cumming before the show ended.  I had wanted to see them do everything they were prepared to do.  As I cleared my head, I looked up to see that Belinda was beginning to slide her middle finger in and out of Marcella's beautiful pussy.  Marcella's moans were growing louder as Belinda withdrew her glistening finger and hung it in front of Marcella's lips, offering her a taste.  Marcella eagerly wrapped her lips around the finger and sucked her own juices off of it.  Our eyes locked as she pulled the finger in and out of her mouth."You were looking at me like that back then too, right?" I asked."Yep." Marci smirked."Were you-""Acting like I was sucking your cock?..  Uh-huh..." she purred.  It was so hot!  "I was watching you jack off and pretending her finger was your cock.  It was so fucking hot and I just wanted to do the dirtiest shit I could think of so you would cum!" she moaned.  "That's when I decided to go down on Belinda, and I started telling her I wanted to taste her pussy and all that shit."She then pulled Belinda up to the couch and kissed her.  Belinda sat down and Marcella dropped down to her knees before Belinda.  Belinda eagerly spread her thighs to welcome Marcella's warm tongue.  Before Marcella dove in, she turned to me with a devilish grin.  "When I got down like this, I left my panties pulled off to the side so you could still see my pussy..."I was blown away.  Marcella was even a freak back then.  I looked on as she rammed her lips into Belinda's waiting pussy.  Belinda's face twisted with incomprehensible pleasure.  Her breasts glistened and bounced in a strange cadence.  The muscles in her stomach tightened and relaxed.  Between her legs, Marcella's head industriously bobbed and weaved.  Her shoulders tensed with each rise and fall of her neck.  The plaid skirt rested in a bunch around her waist.  Her beautiful round ass stuck straight out at me, the left cheek, bisected by the tight elastic of the white panties cutting tightly across it diagonally.  In the center of it all was her smooth glistening cunt, and just above that, her tight puckered asshole, pulsating as she worked."Holy shit!" I exclaimed.  "I remember!  I was totally staring at your pretty little asshole while I jerked off!"I then heard Marcella moan "Heh..  I wanted you to just sneak up behind me and fuck me so bad."Had I known that, I probably would have.Belinda was lost in pleasure by then.  Marcella continued to work her magic for a few more minutes before Marcella finally smacked her on the leg.  "It was probably around this time..." she reminded Belinda.Belinda's eyes slowly opened and the little tale we were re-telling came back to her.  "Oh..  Oh, right..."  She then looked up at me.  "Johnny...  Johnny, come here!"As I had been instructed to do, I stood still and looked at her in shock."Come here baby!  Come here.  I wanna suck your dick!  I wanna put your dick in my mouth!" she moaned.As I crossed the room, Marcella relented for a moment to comment.  "That was the craziest part, because Belinda told me that you were just gonna jerk off while we messed around, so you getting your dick sucked wasn't ever part of the plan, just so you know." she smiled before going back to work on Belinda's wet hole.  I stood by the couch and hoisted one leg up beside Belinda.  Belinda accommodated and leaned over to my fully engorged cock and pulled it into her mouth.  Belinda then began giving me a vigorous blow job as Marcella ate her pussy.  The scene was beautiful!  I stared down at Belinda, feverishly sucking my cock, then down to Marcella's flat tongue lapping at Belin's pussy, her eyes watching Belinda's lips sliding up and down my shaft.Finally, Marcella pulled away and rose up to join Belinda on the couch.  As Marcella sat beside Belinda, she said "Remember how I said I wanted to watch Belinda suck your dick?..  Ha-ha!  I did, BUT I was kinda hoping she would invite me to join in." Marcella smiled.  I could see the elation in her eyes at being able to re-experience it all.Marcella watched Belin suck my cock for about a minute before Belinda finally pulled back and looked at her.  Marcella required no further prompting.  She leaned across Belinda's lap and took me into her warm wet mouth.  Belinda watched Marci suck my cock right in front of her face for a moment before going on to squeeze Marci's beautiful breasts.  For the next few minutes after that, they took turns going at me.  Sometimes, one would suck me off while the other tongued my balls.  It was actually very close to how I remembered it.  During Belinda's turns, Marcella would narrate more.  “I remember being surprised at how dirty Belinda would be.  Whenever I was blowing you, she would say shit like 'suck that cock!' and 'you like sucking that cock don't you?'..  Remember?” Marci asked with a grin.Belinda blushed.Marcella finally pulled away and stopped Belinda from going in again.  “Then, I remember you just sat back for a while and watched me suck Johnny's cock.” she paused.  “You started rubbing my back and you said 'You're so fucking pretty.'  I was kinda surprised to hear you say that kind of thing while I had your boyfriend's cock halfway down my throat...Ha-ha!" she trailed off.  "It was so sweet though.”  At that point, Belin and Marci smiled at one another warmly and briefly kissed.  Marci then went right back into character.  She looked up at me and licked her lips.  "Okay Chico...  Do your thing."I did remember the next part really well.  Up to that point, I had only really been doing whatever Belinda had led me to do.  I recalled watching Marci blow me and Belin watching her do it, and thinking 'Belinda practically pushed my dick into her a week ago...  It's probably okay to take a little more control.'  Funny the way certain moments will ingrain themselves deep in your mind.I took Marcella's hand and yanked her up from the couch.  They both looked at me smiling, which was different from how it really happened.  In truth, eight years earlier in my mother's living room, they were both very surprised by everything that happened next."This is my favorite part." Marcella grinned.I spun her violently toward the couch, grabbed the hem of her skirt and jerked it down to the floor.  "GOD! That's fucking it!" Marci howled.  Her panties had come down part of the way with the skirt and I reached up and jerked them down in one quick motion.  As I pulled Belinda up from the couch, Marcella went on.  "Chico, I'd never seen you be all manly like that before.  I think that's why I always liked this story so much..." she purred as I jerked Belinda's skirt down.  "You were so fucking... ferocious!"   At that point, all three of us were naked.I turned Belinda to face the couch and bent her over at the waist.  I then grabbed Marcella and bent her over next to Belinda and dropped to my knees behind them.  I grabbed Belinda's ass cheeks, pushed them apart and dug my tongue into her pussy.  Belinda immediately began moaning and saying all kinds of dirty shit and was really getting into it.  She cried out "Eat my fucking pussy!  Yeah baby, stick your tongue in my fuckin ass!"  I lapped at her sweet pussy and puckered asshole in long wet strokes as they started feverishly kissing one another.There we were, in the past and in the present.  The two of them bent over the couch, kissing deep and hard as I violently licked Belinda's pussy and asshole.  It was amazing what Marci had created.  Being able to relive something like that was surreal, but extremely erotic.  It was kind of like being in a movie, but also like a dream.  I had never had the chance to interact with a memory until that day. I was giving Belinda's backside a thorough tongue bath when Marci reached back and began slapping Belinda's ass.  Belinda was moaning like a whore as I was rifling through my mind, trying to remember the next part of the story.  Marcella had been very specific and I wanted this experience to be perfect for her.I rose up to my feet behind Belinda.  I looked Marcella in the eye and commanded her "Grab my cock and put it in her pussy!"  Marcella quickly  spun around and grabbed my cock.  Belinda then reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart.  I eased forward as Marcella shoved the head of my snake into Belinda's quivering mound.  I then grabbed hold of Belinda's hips and slid the entire length of my shaft into her as she released an intense moan of pleasure.  As I found my rhythm, Marcella began to goad me on.  “Yeah, fuck that pussy!” she moaned.  "Fuck that tight little pussy!"Eight years earlier, I had been nervous about what I did next.  I was so horny and into what we were doing that I ended up doing it despite my reservations.  Marcella was staring at me, almost as if she was waiting for it.  I slid my cock out of Belinda's tight pussy and turned my hips toward Marcella.  “Taste that pussy."  I ordered her."God, that was so fucking hot!” Marci exclaimed as she pulled my glistening rod into her mouth.  I watched as she happily suckled Belinda's juices from my shaft until it was spotless.  I then shoved my cock back into Belin.  Marcella quietly watched me fuck the hell out of her.Belinda began screaming "Fuck me harder!  Fuck me harder!""You wanna taste your fuckin' pussy too?" I taunted Belin."Ooh, yeah.  Yeah, I wanna taste my fuckin' pussy baby." she purred as she turned around and sucked her own pussy juice off of my gleaming shaft.She sucked me clean and turned around for more.  I slammed my cock into her and went right back to pounding her mercilessly.  Moments later, Marcella cooed "Let me taste it again!  I wanna fucking taste it!"  I pulled out of Belinda again and Marcella inched closer.  "Feed me that fucking dick!  Let me taste that pussy!" she howled.  "Yeah, shove that fucking cock in my mouth!"  Back then, I couldn't believe how filthy Marcella was being.  Now it just seemed natural.  Once I was cleanly suckled, I slipped back into Belinda's warm pussy.  Marcella then slid her hand beneath Belinda and squeezed her breasts.  Belinda moaned aloud as Marci slid her fingertips down the center of Belin's flat tummy until they came to rest on her clit.  Marci began to apply a small amount of pressure and began massaging it in deep circles as Belinda began to moan even louder.  Marci then leaned forward and kissed Belinda passionately as she rubbed her clit.  Marcella and I could both tell that Belinda was about to cum.  Marcella grinned up at me and sarcastically said “ So, I could tell Belinda was gonna cum soon by the way she was moaning...  I kept hoping she would cum before you did, and that maybe she would let you at least give me a pity fuck or something..."A monstrous orgasm crashed through Belinda.  Her body bucked violently and then went rigid as I pounded her and Marcella stimulated her clit.  She wailed out "Fucking GOD!  Oh, Fuck yes!  FUCK YES!" before whimpering incoherently and finally slumping into the couch.  I spun on my heel and sat next to her and put my hand on her beautiful sweat glossed ass.  As she'd done in the past, Belinda turned to Marcella who was still knelt down on the floor and panted "Do you wanna fuck him too?"Marcella pretended to be that shy 19 year old she had once been and bashfully whispered "Okay."With that, Belinda stood up and placed Marci in front of me, but facing away.  Belinda kissed her deeply on the lips and then gently pushed her backward, onto me.  My cock was pressing into the small of her back and she let loose a shy snort.  I grabbed her by the hips and hoisted her up so that she could put her feet up on the couch by my thighs.  I then felt Marcella's delicate fingers nervously wrap around my cock.  It was still saturated with Belinda's cum.  She began to rub the tip of it against her pussy lips, further saturating her own tight slit.  She then slid slowly down onto me.  "Oh, fuck!" she moaned.  "I had wanted you to fuck me again that whole fucking week."Marcella began to grind her wet pussy down my cock in long deep strokes.  She, as ever, felt absolutely amazing.“Oohhh.. fuuuck...  That's it...  Uh...” Marcella gasped.  Belinda squared off in front of her and began kissing her wet and hard as she bounced on my cock.  Marcella moaned into her mouth as Belinda began massaging her clit.  A moment later, Belinda dropped down to all fours in front of us and began violently lapping at Marcella's pussy.  I could occasionally feel her tongue against my cock as I slid in and out of Marci.  At that point, it was up to Marci to keep the story accurate.She lifted herself up off of me and gave Belinda enough room to take me into her mouth."Can you taste my pussy?" Marcella hissed down at Belinda.  "You like licking' my fuckin pussy off that cock?"Belinda shoved me back into Marcella's gash and resumed tonguing her clit.  "Fuck yeah, feels so fucking good...  So fucking good.” Marcella panted. We left the narrative behind for a while as Marcella lost herself to the pleasure she was feeling.  A string of soft moans peppered with profanity would occasionally escape her trembling lips.  I could feel the heat of Belinda's breath on my balls as Marcella rhythmically slid up and down on my spear.  I could understand why it was one of her favorite erotic memories.  She finally slowed her rhythm enough to regain some composure and press on.  “Mmmm...  Ever since the week before, I wanted it from behind again...  You guys..  Do you remember, I was straddling Belinda's face and Johnny was fucking your tits?  Then you grabbed his cock and pushed it up to my pussy?.."  (See 'Me, my girlfriend and her best friend part 2)Taking Marcella's cue, I pulled her off of me and shoved her, face first, into the couch.  I was being rough with her, just the way she told me to be.  I grabbed hold of her hips and pulled her ass upward.  I took a moment to admire her little pink asshole before I scooted closer and rammed my cock up her sopping pussy."Oh, fuck yeah!  Fuck the shit out of me!" she moaned as Belinda reached beneath her and began rubbing her clit again.  "Fuck me Chico!  Fuck me!" she moaned.Belinda leaned into her face.  She was violently rubbing Marcella's clit.  “Do you like getting fucked? -Huh?” she hissed.  “You like it when my boyfriend fucks you like that?”“Fuck!  Fuck yeah, I like it!” Marcella moaned.“Tell me!” Belin demanded.“I like the way you rub my pussy while your boyfriend fucks me with his big cock!” Marcella moaned.  Then Belinda turned her attention toward me.“What about you baby?  Do you like fucking my best friend while I rub her tight little pussy?”“Oh, fuck yes!” I howled.  I wasn't sure how much longer I could hold out.  In the story, Marcella came before I did.  Back then, I knew they were coming over that day, and hoping for the best, I jerked off three times before their arrival.  In the present, I had a slight advantage in that Belinda had already jerked me off in the shower that morning after the shaving event, but even still, I could tell it wouldn't be long.Suddenly Marcella's panting and groaning grew louder and she shouted “Oh-Fuck!  I'm cumming!  I'm cumming!  OH FUCKING GAWD!  AH!” No sooner than she had made her announcement did I feel a swell of hot spunk building momentum in the base of my cock.  “Fuck!  Fuck!” I shouted as I pulled my cock from her.  I stood up and started jerking myself off in rapid fire mode.  As it was happening, Marcella dictated the rest of the story like a play-by-play sports broadcast.“Johnny told us he was about to cum and Belinda got on her knees in front of him and I got down beside her!  We pressed our cheeks together and opened our mouths in front of Johnny while he got himself off!” Marcella rattled off.My two beautiful women knelt before me, just as they had eight years earlier, cheek to cheek, eyes closed and mouths open.  As in the past, I first aimed at Belinda.  After just a moment's more work, A stream of warm white spunk exploded from the tip of my cock, straight into Belinda's mouth.  I turned to Marcella, not quite beating the clock as another stream of jizz splashed on the corner of her open mouth.  The third shot made it in and I spun back to Belinda for another blast.  The volume of cum diminished with each spurt, but I took care to make sure to give each of them as much as I could.  Finally, I was spent.  I heard Belinda swallow first.  Then Marcella.Belinda took my ultra sensitive post-orgasm phallus into her mouth for one final suckle before offering it to Marcella one last time.  Then the two of them lovingly kissed until the small amount of cum that had missed the bulls-eye was completely gone.I leaned back, out of breath and knees shaking.  Marcella stood up and threw her arms around my neck.She kissed me hard and wild on the mouth. “Hey, that's not how it happened.” I laughed through labored breaths.  Marcella and I never actually kissed until about five years after that day.“Thank you.” she smiled.  “That was perfect.”DEJA VU – PART 2: JOHNNYWe cleaned ourselves up and decided we should eat something.  I put my slacks and T-shirt back on and the girls redressed themselves in Gracie's old clothes.  I don't know why we hadn't just stayed naked.  Maybe it's just human instinct to cover up.  Anyway, Gracie had always dressed kind of slutty, which I had never appreciated before that day.  Belinda and Marcella looked really hot in her old clothes. “So, who's next?” Marci asked as she sat at the counter.  “Belin?” she wondered aloud.Belinda was seated beside her.  “Let's do Johnny's first.” she smiled.“Okay.” Marcella casually agreed.  “So, what's your favorite memory Chico?” she asked.I pulled a loaf of bread out of the fridge.  “Mine's kinda stupid.”“What's stupid about it?” Marci asked.“Well...  We didn't even have sex in mine.” I confessed as I tossed some lunch meat on the counter.“Hmm...” Marci pondered.  “So your favorite thing to think about when you jerk off doesn't involve sex?” she asked me, clearly confused.“Well, it's sexual, but we didn't actually have sex.” I said.  “Do you guys remember that time we came over here for the weekend when my Dad and Barbara went out of town for Gracie's cheer leading thing?”They both sat behind the counter looking confused.I went on.“The whole house was empty for the entire weekend, so I told my mom I was going camping with Chuck and you guys told your parents you were going to Ft. Worth for a concert or something, and we all stayed here and got wasted?”  I watched the memories return to them slowly.  “Anyway, it was the middle of the day and you two were laying out by the pool and you were both pretty buzzed.  When I came outside you both wanted me to titty fuck you....”“Oh shit, I remember that!” Belinda laughed.  “We were drinking wine coolers, right?”Marcella looked at Belinda.  “Yeah, we were drunk and you were telling me about different sex stuff you guys had done and you told me that your tits were too small to do that!”“Right!  And I said we should get him to do it to you since your tits were bigger!” Belinda laughed.  “Oh my god, we were so wasted...”Belinda and Marcella asked me to tell them everything I could remember.  I laid it all out for them during lunch.  Then in the interest of authenticity, we each drank about five glasses of wine.  Then the two of them stripped out of Gracie's old clothes and put on their panties.  There was no need to find replacements for bikini tops because they hadn't been wearing any that day.  I put on a pair of my dad's old shorts as a bathing suit substitute.  The two of them then walked outside and headed up the steps to the pool deck and got into position and we began to re-enact my favorite memory...I couldn't (and still can't) remember why I had gone inside that day, or why I had been gone for almost an hour.  Anyway, I stepped out onto the back patio and saw the two of them up on the sun deck that overlooked the pool.  We were all three pretty drunk despite the fact that it was only around two in the afternoon.“Hey sexy boy!” I heard Belinda drunkenly call out.They both sounded hilarious that day because they were genuinely pretty buzzed, but were also 'pretending' to be drunk.  It was hilarious.“Did you come out here to look at our titties?” Belin giggled.The pool deck was about five feet off the ground.  The whole thing was fenced in lattice work, but on a sunny day, any of our neighbors could have easily made out what was happening.  They were both topless and for all I knew, our neighbors across the fence had already been watching them for hours. Belinda squeezed her beautiful bare breasts in the warm sunlight.  She then cupped one in each hand and began sensually massaging them as she cooed at me.  Marcella watched on and giggled with glassy eyes.Belinda then brazenly stood up from her deck chair.  She went on to pull the cushion from her chair and drop it on the sun deck.  She knelt down on it and motioned for Marci to join her.  As Marci knelt down beside her, Belinda continued to moan dramatically and massage her own tits.  She was giving me bedroom eyes and through a slur, she asked me "Don't you wish your dick was between our beautiful breasts?"  Marcella giggled as Belinda drunkenly ordered me. "Bring us your hard cock!"I took the steps two at a time.  My cock was indeed already rapidly hardening at the site of their beautiful firm breasts bathed in sun light.  Knowing that a few of my neighbors might be able to see what we were doing only turned me on more.  I could easily see how drunk Belinda was.  Marcella was right behind her.  I wasn't quite as torn up, but the way things were going, I didn't mind at all.  I flashed them a grin and slipped out of my shorts.  When the elastic band popped over my groin, it sent my cock into a slow bounce like a diving board."There it is!" Be giggled, kneeling before me.  She pulled me in close against her body and happily pushed her small tits around my cock.  They had already covered their bodies with baby oil and they were both glistening in the sun.  "Yeah, fuck that...  ha-ha..  Fuck my tits." Belinda demanded.  They were both giggling like silly little girls.  Belinda then said to Marcella "Hey!  Let's make him do something else...  Let's make him fuck your tits."  Marci laughed again before dramatically stating "I want a hard cock between my tits!"They were drunk, and it almost felt like they were 'acting' like they were in a porno, only neither of them were very good at acting...  It was the most bizarre combination of eroticism and comedy that I would ever see.Marcella scooted closer to Belinda.  Her larger and darker C-cup breasts hung freely in the warm summer air of my memory.  (Or in the mildly nippy spring air as was the case that day.)  I stepped over to Marcella and leaned into her.  My cock lay flat against her chest.  She giggled again as she pushed her breasts around my pole.  Belinda then reached over between her glistening tits and held the tip of my shaft against Marci's chest.  “I'm pushing it in and up and down and up and down.” she drunkenly moaned as Marcella began to bounce her tits around my shaft.I began to move my hips, sliding my cock in and out of Marcella's cleavage.  She was staring up into my eyes.  She licked her lips and said “It's making me horny.”Belinda pulled her hand away finally.  “I like watching...” she said distantly.  “Maybe after you he can fuck my tits again.” she said as she focused in on my cock.  Then with a bit more drama than necessary, she asked “Will you fuck my tits again?.. Please?”Marcella backed away from me and I turned back to Belinda.  I remember getting the feeling that she wanted to prove herself.  I placed my cock against her chest and she did her best to push her small tits around me again.  Marcella watched intently and encouragingly said “Oh, that looks so good!”Belinda didn't miss a beat as she slid her oiled cleavage up and down my pole.  “I'll make your cock feel really good..." she moaned.  "Look how hard this is, it's almost up to my face.” she beamed.  “I wish I could just lick it..."  I began to rock my hips a bit faster, and she pushed her breasts together even harder as she loudly blurted out "Oh, yeah!  Fuck my titties!"  She then began making mock sex sounds.  "Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!  Fuck my little titties Papi!" As much as I was enjoying all of her effort, I was standing at a strange angle and my cock kept popping out from between Belinda's small breasts.  “Why don't you straddle one of us?” Belinda offered up as a solution.“Yeah, straddle me!” Marcella giggled.“Yeah, straddle her!” Belinda drunkenly agreed.Marcella lay down flat on her back on the seat cushion.  At that point, I had never done that with anyone but Belinda before and I was really excited about seeing how it would feel doing it with someone with larger breasts.  Marcella's round tan tits looked absolutely beautiful covered in oil and bathed in sunlight.  Belinda knelt by her side and invited me to climb on.  “Now, you get right on here, right over her...”  Listening to Belinda talk drunk was hilarious.  I'm doing my best to replicate it as I'm writing this, but I'll never do it justice.I threw my leg over Marcella and lowered myself down onto her.  I felt my balls come to rest on her upper stomach and heard her let out a drunken giggle.  Belinda then said “Now, right between her tits and then you fuck it.”Marcella let out a huge deep laugh at that.  Belinda joined her briefly as she realized that what she had said sounded so funny.  Finally, Marcella cocked her arms out to the sides and placed her palms on the outsides of her beautiful tits.  She then pushed them together around my cock.  At that moment, even though we were all a little drunk, the mood turned more serious.“Now fuck those tits.” Belinda demanded.  I started out slow, gently easing back and then forward.  “Yeah, give her a good titty fucking.” Belinda reeled.  She then left Marcella's side and knelt down above her head.  She reached down and placed her fingertips on the head of my moving cock to keep it down and avoid having it pop out from between Marci's glorious mounds.  “See?  You have big fuckin' tits Marci...  I wish I had big fuckin' titties...” Belinda mused.“I love your tits.” I told Belinda.  It was true.  I did, though I have to admit, fucking Marcella's tits was much more pleasurable.“Yeah?..  You love my titties?” she asked with a devilish pout.“Yeah.” I moaned as I pushed deeper into Marcella's cleavage.“I want titty-fucking.” Belinda purred.I don't know if she had been jealous of Marci's bigger chest, or if she felt she had something to prove, or if she just actually wanted it, but either way, Marci released her breasts and I climbed off of her.  She then sat up and handed the cushion over to Belinda.  Be then lay on her back and pulled me on top of her.As Belinda mashed her tits together, Marci reached down and pressed the tip of my cock downward so it wouldn't pop out.  As I began to slide in and out of Belinda's cleavage, she moaned “Yeah, titty fuck these boobs.” Belinda kept saying drunken funny shit and despite Marcella's efforts, my cock kept popping out from between Belin's small tits.  After several slip outs, Marcella developed a different method to hold it in place.In order to keep my cock angled downward, Marcella formed a ring with her thumb and index finger around the base of my cock.  She had only done it to aim my cock down and guide it into Belinda's cleavage, but she kept it perfectly still and very tight, so in essence, I was fucking her hand and Belinda's tits at the same time.  It was also much more effective, and I found myself quickening my pace and really beginning to enjoy myself.It was quiet for a little while after that save for my own moaning.  Marcella wore an expression that read 'all business' and Belinda looked to be very proud of herself.  I had done this with Belinda before, but had never cum as a result, so I was genuinely surprised when I felt an orgasm slowly building up deep inside me.  Belinda must have realized it too because she noticeably mashed her tits harder together as I rammed my cock in and out from between them.An enormous smile spread across Belinda's face as she giggled "Fuck my tits! Ha Ha!  Fuck my itty bitty titties!”I moaned louder and fucked her tits even more aggressively.  Marcella then did the one thing that I would always think about when I jerked off to that memory.  Instead of simply using her hand to hold my cock downward, she began to slide the ring she'd made of her fingers up and down as I continued thrusting.  What she was doing wasn't just to help Belinda anymore.  She was actively trying to get me off and that drove me absolutely crazy.Belinda took notice of what was happening and blurted out  "Yeah, jerk that fucking cock until a cum load's shot right on my little tits...  My little b-cups."My cock then slid completely out of Belinda's cleavage and Marcella changed her grip and was then fully stroking me as I started to wince.  “Ohh Fuck!” I shouted."Oh, you're gonna cum?..”  Belinda queried.  “Cum on my tits." she giggled as she continued squeezing and massaging her oil drenched tits beneath me.It was then that Marcella really went for it.  Using her entire hand, she jerked me tight and hard.  I looked down at my oily cock slipping in and out of Marcella's tight fist, just above Belinda's beautiful oily gyrating body.  The breeze was cool and the sun was bright.  I let Marci jerk my cock with a slippery fist until I spilled a hot load of cum between Belinda's tits and up onto her neck.I knelt above Belinda panting as she giggled below me.  Marcella casually licked a small droplet of semen off of her thumb and then smiled at me.  “See.” was all she said.  She had been right.  It was just like being back in that amazing summer eight years before.  It made us all feel young again.DEJA VU – PART 3: BELINDASo, dear reader, you've made it this far...  Before I go on, you should know that what you are about to read is the entire reason I started writing all these stories down in the first place.  This night was the defining moment that led to my life being what it is right now.  I'm currently working as a writer.  I currently live with Belinda and Marcella.(Hope that didn't spoil the ending for you, but, come on.You knew that was coming, right?)  We have an interesting lifestyle and as a result, I have a lot more stories to share after this one, but this was the one event that set it all in motion.  So, here it is, and thank you Belinda.  I love you every day.Back in March of 2007.  Belinda was in the shower.  Marcella and I were sitting in the hot tub talking about how fun the day had been and speculating on what Belinda's favorite memory might be.  She had mentioned the bathroom at Chuck's house.  During parties at Chuck's house in the summer of '99, the three of us would often sneak off to the bathroom to fool around and even sometimes have sex.  We disappeared together often enough to be pretty certain that our friends probably caught on to what we were doing in there.  There had been a lot of parties and a lot of trips to the bathroom, so we didn't know exactly what Belinda had in mind and the anticipation was driving us both crazy.After about fifteen minutes, Belinda finally stepped out of the house.  She walked, completely naked with damp spirals of hair hanging in all directions, over to the hot tub and climbed in to join us.  “Okay mystery woman...” Marcella began.  “We're dying to know what we're doing next.”“Okay.” Belinda smiled.  “We can only do part of mine because it technically didn't really happen the way I fantasize about it.” she opened.  Marcella and I sat, intrigued as she went on.  “It was one of those nights that we were partying at Chuck's house.  We had all gone into the bathroom together like we did sometimes, only that time, SOMEBODY forgot to lock the door." she said, eye-balling me.  "Anyway, we were all kinda goin' at it when Hillary walked in on us.”“I remember that!” Marcella and I simultaneously blurt out.Hillary was a member of that old group.  She notoriously got shit-faced at every party back then.  Nine out of ten times, she would end up taking her shirt off, or making out with some random guy or girl, or generally doing something outrageous.  She was a thin blonde girl with a pretty face.  Anyway...“So, I can't remember exactly what we were doing at the moment that she walked in, but it was very clear that we were busted.  Anyway, she just said 'sorry, sorry.' and ran out.” Belinda explained.“Riiiiight?...” Marcella coaxed her to go on.“So instead of going back to the party after that, we just locked the door and kept going, remember?” Belinda asked.“Yeah.” I said.“Well, what I fantasize about is that it all happens the exact same way, only instead of leaving, Hillary stays in the bathroom with us and watches us all have sex.” Belinda finished.Marcella and I were left speechless.  Finally Marcella asks what we're both dying to know.  “So you want the three of us to 'do it' in front of somebody else?”“Uh-huh.” Belinda blushes.  “Remember that night we played truth or dare, when you would dare me and Johnny to do stuff or he would dare us to do stuff with each other?..  Well, part of what I liked about that so much was being watched by the other person.” Belinda explained to Marcella.  “Knowing that you were watching me jerk him off, or sucking his dick made it feel so much dirtier.” she paused.  “Then whenever he would watch us make out or go down on each other and we would get him to jack off...  I got so horny being so dirty in front of someone...  Anyway, by late in the summer, none of us were really watching anymore because we were all doing it.  So, when Hillary walked in on us that night, I was scared, but later on I started wishing she had stayed.  I wanted to do all of that shit right in front of her.  I wanted her to see me being all slutty, getting fucked from behind while I ate out a girl...  Just thinking about it is turning me on.”I had caught glimpses of what an exhibitionist Belinda was deep down inside when she would put on little shows for me with Marcella, but I had no idea it went as deep as it did.  I was loving all of her honesty and the fact that she wanted to revel in her kinkiness. “I always imagine Hillary because she was always wasted and taking her shirt off and suggesting we all play strip poker and stuff, so I felt like she would have been into it.” Belinda said.I was so turned on by everything she'd said that I couldn't think of anything to say.  Marcella was silent too.  We had all seen Hillary the day before at Dan's wedding.  She looked roughly the same as she had back in '99.  She was white.  Blue eyes and blonde hair.  She was thin and a little taller than Be and Marci.  She also had bigger boobs that we'd all seen numerous times that summer.“She was at Dan's wedding.  We could call her.” I said.Belinda looked at me.  “No way!  I just meant we could pretend she was there or something.”Marcella interjected. “Why not?..  None of us even live in the same town anymore...” “No.  She's friends with all our friends.” Belinda reasoned.“So?  She'd have just as much reason to keep it quiet as we would.” Marcella retorted.“That's only if she actually goes through with it.” Belinda volleyed.  “What if we asked her and she said no?  The first thing she would do is tell everyone.”I was picturing it in my mind.  Crazy Hillary, watching the three of us in action wasn't so hard to imagine.  “I bet she would do it.” I said.“Me too!” Marcella exclaimed.  “She was always wanting to take her top off!  She was always hooking up with everybody.  Shit, she probably would've made a move on Johnny if you two weren't together back then...  Plus, how many times did she get wasted and end up making out with one of the girls from Chuck's job?...”Marcella had a point.  We all sat silently staring at Belinda.  She closed her eyes tightly and finally said “Fuck it.  Let's call her.”After we had sat around and formed our plan, it was decided that I should make the call.  I called her up and told her that Belinda, Marcella and I were still in town and wanted her to join us for dinner.  She happily accepted the invitation.  I then took Marci and Belinda to their houses to shower and change.  We were all to meet back at my dad's house at 8PM.I got back early and cooked up some lamb chops and rice.  Marcella and Belinda arrived around 7:30.  Marcella was wearing a jean skirt and black, low cut blouse under a jacket.  She wore her hair down and tussled.  Belinda sported an extremely short black skirt.  The top she was wearing is tough to describe.  It was almost like a thinly looped netting with small sparkling colored jewels all over it.  I'd never seen her wear it before and assumed that she would usually wear a bra or camisole underneath.  That evening, she wore it without either and I could very easily make out her nipples through the loose weave.  It clung close to her body, but wasn't tight enough to mask the natural bounce and sway of her tits when she moved.  Had I seen any girl wearing that out at a club, I would've had no respect for her and assumed that she was a raging slut.  Basically, I loved it!  Her light brown hair was left naturally curly and pulled up in a pony.  I reached down and softly pinched her left nipple which had found its way through the loose weave of her top.  “Going all out, huh?” I smirked as she kissed me hello. “Tonight's about showing off, right?” she replied with a warm smile.  “I thought this would be appropriate.”We all agreed that we still wanted to go through with it and at 8PM on the nose, Hillary arrived with a bottle of wine.I offered to take her coat and she gladly slid out of it.  She was wearing short white shorts and a black blouse that buttoned down the front.  I have to admit, she looked really good. The next two hours were filled with dinner and lots of wine drinking.  As beautiful as Marcella and Hillary both looked that evening,国产伦精品一区二区三区视频 I couldn't peel my eyes away from Belinda.  I was shocked that Hillary hadn't brought up the obvious fact that Belinda's nipples were clearly visible through her top.  Seriously, If you squinted your eyes, it looked as if she were sitting there at the dinner table topless.  Finally, Hillary asked if we were planning on going out after dinner.  We told her that we had planned on staying in for the evening.  To that, she finally said “Okay, good.”  She then directed her words at Belinda, playfully saying “I just wanted to make sure because if we were gonna go out, you should probably know that I can totally see your nipples through that top.” she laughed.  “Don't get me wrong, it's a hot top.  I just wanted to make sure you knew...”Belinda smiled back and laughed.  “Don't worry, I know.  I knew it was just gonna be us tonight, so I didn't really care if everybody could see my tits.”I loved the way Belinda just dismissed it like that.  She liked the attention.  She liked knowing that a room full of people could look at her tits.  In fact, I'm pretty sure, she wanted us to.In all honesty, I've seen a lot more of that top and others like it since that night, and it's very seldom that anything is worn underneath.The conversation moved forward, but from that point on, there were more and more subtle remarks and sexual innuendos.  We basically all got pretty buzzed and had a lot of laughs.  We were keeping it playful. As the night wore on and the wine flowed, we gradually confessed everything to Hillary.  We finally dropped the bomb and told her that the three of us were in love and that we were all going to live together.“Oooohhhh.” Hillary said, wide eyed and frozen.  After a beat she went on.  “So the three of you are...  a couple – er -uh.. an item or whatever?”“Yeah.” Marci smiled.There was a long stab of silence as Hillary rifled through her thoughts and searched for a 'politically correct' way to articulate what she was thinking.  She finally just gave up.  “Okay, I don't mean to be inappropriate or anything, but so like, how does that work?  I mean, do you all sleep together, or do you take turns with Johnny or do you guys have like a girl on girl thing?...”We all laughed and the mood lightened enough for Hillary to smile along with us.  Marcella giggled “All of the above.”As the laughter died down Hillary said “Wow...  That's wild you guys... but if you're all happy and into it then...  You know...”  She lifted her glass again.  “Cheers!”Hillary was the first person that we 'came out' to.  We found out that it wasn't nearly as hard as we all thought it would be.I finally leveled my eyes at Belinda.  “Do you want me to tell her?”Belinda blushed and hesitated for a moment.  Finally she quietly said “Okay.”  The wine helped.I looked at Hillary.  She was staring at me wide eyed with the beginning of a smirk at the edges of her glossed lips.  “Back in the summer after our freshman year of college...”“I remember that summer.” Hillary smiled, her cheeks beginning to flush red.  “The three of you were always sneaking off together.  Oh my GOD has this been going on since back then?”“Yes.” I continued.  “We were young and we did a lot of uh...”  I stammered as I searched for the correct word.“Experimenting.” Belinda offered.“Experimenting!  Thanks honey...  Experimenting with each other.  So today, we were talking about a lot of the different things that the three of us did that summer and sort of...” I stumbled.  “...Sort of 're-enacted' them.”Hillary waited patiently for me to go on as she shifted in her chair.  She crossed her legs toward Belinda who could see what difficulty I was having.  Belinda found her courage and took over for me.“Basically we were re-enacting each of our favorite memories from that summer.” she lightheartedly explained.  “We did Marcella's first and then we did Johnny's.  We were gonna do mine last, but we couldn't, since part of it involves you...”Hillary's expression didn't change.  Her eyes remained wide as she blurted out “Are you talking about the time I walked in on you guys in the bathroom that night?”“Yes.  You remember?” Belinda asked her hopefully.“Oh my GOD, are you kidding me?  I totally remember that.” She giggled.  “I walked into the bathroom and you guys were all going at it!” she smiled at me.  “I just thought you guys were really drunk or something.”It was quiet for a moment before Belinda reluctantly continued.  “So-”“I'll do it.” Hillary interrupted, with bright eager eyes.“What?” Belinda giggled.“Well, you just told me how you were reliving all these sex memories all day and that the only one you couldn't re-create was the one where I walked in on you in the bathroom, so...  I'll do it.” she smiled with the wild look of excitement that only kinky sex acts can bring about.Marcella sighed and began to smile too.  Belinda was mildly embarrassed but smiling too.  She didn't say anything else after that, so I spoke up for her.  “There's a little more to it...”“What?” Hillary asked, clearly intrigued.“No Johnny, that's enough, really.” Belinda protested through her blushing cheeks.Hillary fixed her wide eyes on Belinda.  Grinning from ear to ear, Hillary prodded.  “What?  Come on, tell me.”Belinda was beet red.  “This is a lot more uncomfortable than I thought it was going to be.”“Come on, I don't give a shit.  Tell me.” Hillary pried.  I couldn't tell if Hillary was just really cool or if she was overwhelmed with curiosity.  Remembering the wild party girl that she used to be, I figured maybe it was both.Belinda smiled through a thick wine buzz and said “When I think about it in my head...  I imagine that you stay in there with us...” she shyly raised her eyes to meet Hillary's “...and watch.”Belinda was clearly bashful about everything that was happening.  Mercifully, Hillary didn't let her mire in silence for very long.  She glanced around the room, still wide eyed, but now openly smirking.  “So you want me to watch the three of you have sex?”  She paused for a moment and none of us spoke. Shy smiles circled the room until Hillary finally burst out “Okay!  So what do we do first?”Belinda got up and gave Hillary a warm hug as they both giggled drunkenly.  Then we got right to it.The truth is; not one of the three of us could remember what we were doing at the exact moment that Hillary had walked in on us that night, so we asked Hillary if she remembered.“Johnny was leaning up against the sink.” she began.  Then she smirked at me.  “And you were naked.”“You saw me naked?” I asked.  “How do I not remember that?”“You were pretty drunk.” she laughed.  She searched her memory and went on.  “Belinda was...  on your left side standing next to you and the two of you were making out.”“Was I naked?” Belinda asked.“No.” she said to Belinda and Marcella.  "You were both completely clothed, but Johnny was totally naked.” she said.“Ha-ha!” Marcella laughed, poking me in the chest.  “You gotta get naked!” she giggled.  “What about me?  What was I doing?”Hillary turned a brighter shade of red as she giggled “You were uh...  Let's just say you were on your knees in front of Johnny.”All four of us let out a great howl of laughter.  Once the laughter had died down Belinda told Hillary what to do after she came in.  She asked her to just step inside and lock the door behind her.  Hillary asked how to know when to come in and Belinda told her to just finish her glass of wine and then come.  Hillary agreed and Belinda hugged her one more time and said “Thank you so much for doing this!”The three of us left Hillary to her glass of wine in the living room and walked into the master bedroom.  We were all smiling like giddy little kids as we walked into the master bath and closed the door, making sure that we left it unlocked.Belinda's smile was electric as she pushed me up against the counter top and threw her arms around my neck.  She kissed me deep and wet the way she had when we were nineteen.  “Ugh, I'm so fucking excited right now.” she whispered, grinning ear to ear. She took a step back as Marcella came up on my right side.  Belinda began to unbutton my shirt as Marcella came in to kiss me.  “Hey!  No kissing.” Belinda pouted, jokingly.  “You guys didn't kiss back then, remember?”Marci didn't bat an eye.  She just backed off from me and focused on Belinda.  “I'm just kidding Marci.  I don't care if you guys kiss.  That's not the important part anyway...”Marci then kissed her softly on the lips and said “It's your fantasy.  We should do it however you want.”Belinda thought for a moment and said “Seriously?”“Uh-huh.” Marci moaned before another slow kiss.“I kinda liked the fact that me and Johnny didn't ever kiss back then.It made all the other stuff we did even hotter.”“Okay.  Don't kiss him then...  Just so it'll feel more real.” Belinda smiled.Marcella resumed softly kissing her as Belinda finished unbuttoning my shirt.  She pushed it back over my shoulders and if fell silently to the tile floor.  She leaned into me and began to kiss me as she pulled at my belt.Marcella stood beside her and squeezed her breasts through her extremely revealing top.  Belinda continued kissing me as she popped the button on my jeans and then worked the zipper downward.  Before my pants could hit the floor, she reached forward and found my fully engorged cock with her soft palm and wrapped her fingers around it, instantly beginning to loosely stroke me in slow motion.My pants fell around my ankles and I kicked them away.  There I was, against the sink, completely naked and it had only taken thirty seconds.  In keeping with her character, Belinda did what she might have done eight years earlier.  She turned to Marcella and kissed her wet and hard.  When she pulled away, she hissed “Do you wanna watch me suck his dick?”Marcella responded in kind.  “Yeah baby.  Suck his dick.”Belinda dropped down to her knees.  I reached over and squeezed Marcella's breasts through her top as Belinda took me into her mouth and began to lovingly stroke my cock with the wet ring of her lips.  Marcella stared down at her.  “Mmm.  I love watching you suck cock.”After a short while, Belinda stood up and kissed Marcella again.  “Can you taste it?..  Can you taste his dick on my lips?” she panted.“Mmm-hmm.” Marcella moaned.“Do you wanna taste it?” Belinda hissed as she stroked my wet cock.  “Do you wanna put that big dick in your mouth?”“Mmm...  Yes.” Marcella whimpered.Belin turned to me.  “Would you like that baby?  Do you want my best friend to suck your big dick now-huh?  Do you wanna put your big fat cock in my best friend's mouth?”“Mmm-hmm.” I groaned as I gripped the counter top.Belinda kissed Marcella one last time and then urged her.  “Suck his cock Marci.  I wanna see you suck his big fat cock!” she moaned.Marcella dropped down to her knees in front of me and pulled me into her eager mouth.  Her lips were soft and warm.  At first, Belinda just held onto me and watched her.  I was watching her too.  “Yeah, suck that big cock baby.” Belinda cooed.  “Suck that cock for me.” she said as she turned to me and closed her eyes.  We shared a deep long kiss as Marcella pushed and pulled her mouth up and down my steel shaft. We were in position.  My stomach filled with butterflies at the thought of another person entering the room and watching us behave so deviously.  I began to imagine it in my mind.  The more I imagined Hillary's eyes staring at the soft lips easing up and down my cock, the more excited I became.  The anticipation was building into a crescendo.  Seconds later, the door knob began to turn...Hillary stood in the doorway with the same wide eyed smirk she'd been wearing all night.  I knew that I was going to be the only naked person when she entered and had wondered if I would feel at all bashful.  Now that it was actually happening, I found that I didn't mind in the least.  In fact, I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would.  I looked dead at Hillary as she took in the situation.“Oh, excuse me.” she blushed.Belinda opened her sultry eyes and very seductively stared back at Hillary.  Hillary reluctantly took a step forward and pulled the door closed behind her.  She then turned the lock, just as she had been instructed to, before leaning back against the door.  Belinda stared at her and licked her own lips as she placed her hand on the back of Marcella's head.  It was surreal.  It was beyond erotic.“Mmm...  Do you guys mind if I stay for a while?” Hillary giggled.Belinda responded by shoving her tongue into my mouth as she pushed Marcella's head into my crotch.“I like your top Belinda.” Hillary smiled.  “I feel like I've been staring at your nipples through it all night.”The bathroom was big, but not so big that Hillary was more than five feet from us.  Belinda continued to stare at her with a wild animal lust in her eyes. “I think I'm supposed to wear a bra with it, but I didn't really feel like it.” Belinda softly moaned.“You like being looked at?” Hillary smiled, taking on a more serious demeanor.“Uh-huh.” Belinda cooed. Something strange was happening.  I thought that Hillary was just supposed to watch us, but Belinda was very openly interacting with her.  Belin seemed eager to please Hillary too.  It was really interesting to watch their interactions.“Do you like watching?” Belinda asked as she slid her fingers around the base of my cock as Marcella pulled down another wet stroke.“So far.” Hillary smiled with a raise of her eyebrow.  Then her brow furrowed as she looked directly down to Marcella's lips sliding up and down my hairless cock.  “Is...  Is he shaved?”Marcella then took her mouth off of me as Belinda removed her hand.  Marci giggled as Hillary went wide eyed, admiring my smooth, spit covered erection.  “Oh my God...” she trailed off as Marcella slid her lips back over my manhood.“You like?” Belinda purred, smiling at her once more before pulling Marcella to her feet.  “You like kissing girls, right?”Hillary blushed.  “Sometimes.”Belinda pulled Marcella in close.“Have you ever watched two girls kiss each other?”“Yes.” Hillary reluctantly admitted.Belinda then shoved her tongue into Marcella's mouth with no inhibition whatsoever.  Hillary stood and watched on, unflinching.  Belinda then pulled Marci off to the side a bit to give Hillary a clear view of my throbbing cock as she she gripped it and began to slide her fist up and down the length of it.  Hillary made no attempt to avert her eyes.  She stared down at the show and smiled. “Do you like watching me stroke Johnny's big hard cock?” Belinda asked sensuously.Hillary shyly bit her lip.  “Yes.”It was clear to me then that Belinda was a full blown exhibitionist.  She was pulling out all the stops.  Belinda released my cock and began to unbutton Marcella's blouse.  Belinda then slid the blouse off of Marcella's perfect torso.  It was then carelessly tossed aside as they resumed kissing passionately.  Belinda then busied herself with the clasp on Marcella's bra.  It was undone in an instant and tossed on top of her blouse on the tile floor. By that time, I had begun to lightly stroke my cock as I watched the show unfold, occasionally stealing glances at Hillary.  She was fully engrossed as well although I did catch her shoot a glance my way when I began to touch myself.  Marcella's back was to Hillary, so she hadn't seen Marci's breath taking tits yet, but they were in full view for me and Belinda.  I studies her tan orbs for the hundredth time that weekend as Belinda took Marci's hand and placed it on my cock.  Marcella then took over stroking me as Belinda began to unzip Marci's skirt.“Do you think it's weird that I like watching Marcella jerk my boyfriend off?” Belinda oozed.Hillary was briefly at a loss for words.  She finally sighed “I guess not.”Marcella was just two or three feet in front of Hillary.  As Belinda pulled Marci's skirt downward, it caught and stubbornly held on to her beautiful round ass.  Belinda pulled harder with no luck as she continued deeply kissing Marcella.  With another quick tug, the skirt finally came down to reveal Marci's beautiful tan ass.  The skirt fell to the floor leaving Marcella naked, save for a skimpy black thong.“Doesn't Marci have the most amazing ass?” Belinda mused as she slipped her fingers into Marcella's waistband and slowly slid her panties down to her feet.“Uh-huh.” Hillary whispered.With Marcella and I both completely naked, Belinda stepped around us toward Hillary.  We weren't sure what would happen next.  Hillary briefly tensed up as Belinda reached around her waist-- --and unlocked the door.She led Hillary by the hand into the master bedroom and sat her down on the small sofa beside the bed.  She then leisurely shoved me onto the bed.  I checked to see if Hillary was still smiling and she was. Belinda then took Marcella to the side of the bed near the love seat and sat her down facing Hillary.  Marcella went along with every movement without question or hesitation.  Belinda reached across the bed and placed my hand on my cock.  She glanced over her shoulder and spoke to Hillary.  “Sometimes, Marci and I like to put on a little show for Johnny.”Hillary leaned back into the love seat, wide eyed and giggling.“Have you ever been with a girl before?” Belinda asked as she began to push Marcella's naked thighs apart.“I've made out with a few.” Hillary replied.Belinda made a show of bending at the waist in front of Hillary.  Her micro skirt rose up, revealing her lower ass cheeks as she went on.  “Have you ever gone down on a girl before?”“No.” Hillary shifted, leaning slightly forward.“Have you ever watched two girls together?” Belinda softly purred as she delicately licked Marcella's inner thigh.“Not in real life.” Hillary admitted.Belinda softly kissed Marcella's inner thigh less than an inch from her glistening hairless slit.  “Mmm...  What do you think of all this?” Belinda queried.“It's pretty dirty.” Hillary exhaled.“Uh-huh.” Belin moaned as she softly kissed Marcella's outer lips.  She had cocked her head to the side, placing her cheek against Marcella's left thigh so that Hillary had a clear view of the unfolding events.  I had already begun stroking my cock, but Hillary's eyes were glued to Belinda.  “Do you wanna see me lick her pussy?”Hillary glanced up at me and then back down to Belinda.  “Okay.”Belinda was moving slowly and oozing sensuality.  Hillary watched in awe as Belinda placed a fingertip on either side of Marcella's pussy and spread it open, further exposing Marcella's little clit.  She then opened her mouth and pressed the tip of her soft tongue against Marcella's pleasure button.  Hillary stared at her tongue as it flicked Marci's clit up and down.  Marci began to softly moan as Belinda flashed a glance at Hillary.  “What if Johnny put his cock in Marcella's mouth right now?..  Would you like that?”Hillary was getting more and more into it.  “Mmm-hmm.” she said almost under her breath.I stood up on the bed and positioned myself by Marcella's beautiful face.  She glanced up as I brushed my cock against her cheek.  She then turned her head and wrapped her warm soft lips around me.  She began pulling me in and out in slow deep strokes.  At the sight of that, Belinda turned her face away from Hillary to focus more completely on Marcella's clit.  She was deliberately bent at the waist and sticking her beautiful ass out, just a couple of feet in front of Hillary.  Marcella softly moaned onto my cock as I stole another look at Hillary.  She was watching my cock gliding in and out of Marcella's mouth.Hillary's eyes darted back to Belinda's ass as Belinda reached behind her back and grabbed the tight skirt, hiking it up further to show off her spectacular ass to Hillary.  Once her skirt was in a bunch around her hips, Belinda slipped her thumb under the elastic waistband of her panties and feverishly pulled them downward. She couldn't get them past the center of her ass cheeks from the angle she was at.  She could have easily stopped pleasuring Marcella for a moment to pull them the rest of the way down, but she didn't.  She left them clinging around hips, exposing the top half of her ass and she slid her hand down her tummy and into the slack panties.  She began gently fingering herself right in front of Hillary, albeit behind the loose hanging cloth of her panties.She began to moan at her own touch.  Within a few moments, she briefly pulled her lips from Marcella's quivering mound.  “Can you pull my panties down?” she quickly panted before diving back into her work.Hillary stared blankly for a moment before looking up at me and smiling.  I couldn't believe it either.  I knew Belinda well enough by then to know what she was up to.  It wasn't enough to have Hillary watch us.  Belinda wanted to involve her.  To what end remained to be seen.Maybe it was the thrill of toying with people and testing their limits.Hillary reluctantly reached up to Belinda's hips and slipped her fingertips into the waistband of her panties.  She began to pull them downward over Belinda's smooth tan ass cheeks.  Once past that point, they fell effortlessly to the floor.“Thank you.” Belinda moaned.From my vantage point, I could see everything that Hillary was seeing.  Two feet in front of her face, Belinda's hand was feverishly massaging her own pussy.  She was bent over at a right angle with her legs apart.  Her pretty little asshole was in clear view and she knew it.“I get so fucking horny watching Johnny get his cock sucked.” Belinda panted.  “Does that make me a slut?” she asked aloud as she fingered herself in front of Hillary.Again, Hillary was caught off guard.  “...I guess not.” she answered, trying to appease Belinda.Belinda then reached further beneath herself until her middle finger came to rest on her puckered pink anus.  As she began rubbing it in small circles she went on to say “Do you like watching Marcella suck his cock?”“Yeah.” Hillary answered timidly.“Is it making you horny too?” Belinda panted as she slid her fingertip into her asshole.“Uh-huh...  And what you're doing...” Hillary grinned.Belinda quickly turned her head to Hillary as she began to work her finger in and out of her butthole.  “Yeah?” she moaned.  “You like watching me put my finger in my ass?” she baited Hillary. “It's pretty hot.” Hillary smiled.Belinda then slipped her finger out of her rectum and stood up.  She turned to face Hillary.  Her nipples poked through the loose weave of her top.  Her skirt remained in a bunch around her hips, leaving her hairless pussy in plain view just two feet in front of Hillary.  She stood with her hands on her hips completely unabashed.  “Have you ever let a guy fuck you in the ass?”I was enjoying Marcella's intense blow-job, but neither one of us could take our eyes off of Belinda and Hillary at that point.  Hillary stared up at Belinda with a spark of lust in her eyes.  “Hell yes!” she giggled.  “I fucking love getting fucked in the ass.”“Who knew we had so much in common?” Belin groaned sensuously.  “So, are you still into girls at all?”“It's been a while.” Hillary smiled up.Belinda returned her warm smile.  “You said you were staring at my nipples all night.”“Uh-huh.” Hillary volleyed.Belinda slid her fingers back down to her moist crotch, lightly diddling herself.  “Do you want me to take this thing off?” Belinda asked mischievously.Hillary cupped her face in her hands and giggled shyly before looking back up at Belinda.  “Yeah.”Belinda continued to push her even further, circling her clit with her fingertips.  “You want me to show you my little fuckin' titties?”“Okay.” Hillary giggled again.Belinda then shocked everyone in the room by stepping forward and placing her knee on the sofa next to Hillary.  She then brought her other knee up to rest on the other side of Hillary's hips.  Hillary covered her face again and giggled “Oh my GOD!” as Belinda straddled her waist with her bare shaved pussy just inches above Hillary's lap.  Belinda then pulled Hillary's hands from her eyes.  Hillary turned a whole new shade of red as she dropped her hands down at her sides, draping them over Belinda's naked thighs.By that point, Marcella had pulled her mouth off of my cock.  She was staring at Belinda.  So was everyone else in the room.  Lost in my own interest, I sat down on the edge of the bed beside Marcella, eager to see what Belinda would do next.  Hillary stared up into Belinda's eyes with a drunken grin plastered to her face.  Belinda then began to wind her body in a serpentine fashion as she grabbed the bottom of the skimpy top she was wearing.  Ever so slowly, she began to peel it away from her bare skin underneath.  “Are you enjoying the show?” she oozed.“I am.” Hillary answered very agreeably.  Belinda's sequined top was just below her breasts as she continued to writhe on Hillary's lap.  She slowly pulled the top up, revealing her small, but beautiful breasts.  Hillary stared at them.  It was clear to Marci and I that a strong current of lust was building up behind her eyes.  Belinda finally pulled the top over her head and tossed it on the floor behind her.  She then pulled the bunched up skirt up past her tummy and over her breasts.  She slipped it over her head and tossed it away before climbing off of Hillary, finally completely naked.Belinda had subtly involved Hillary, and then alienated her by leaving her as the only clothed person in the room.  I recognized her tactics, as I had used them myself before.  The truth is, I had no idea what Belinda was trying to do.  I had my assumptions, but it didn't matter either way.  Whether she wanted Hillary to join us, or whether she wanted to torture her all night, I was still having one of the most erotic experiences I had ever had.  Then Belinda handed the reigns to Hillary.Marcella and I were sitting side by side in front of Hillary.  Belinda stood next to her and casually asked her “What would you like to see us do?”Hillary looked around at the three of us.  She didn't expect to suddenly be thrust behind the wheel.  “I don't know...  It's your fantasy, right?  What do you want to do?”Belinda put her hand on Hillary's shoulder.  “Well, this is part of my fantasy.” she explained.  “I want you to tell us what you want to see us doing.”“Oh my god...” Hillary chattered as she put her hand over her eyes.  “Anything?” she asked giddily.“Sure.” Belinda said.Hillary was silent for a long time.  She finally burst out “I don't know what to say!  I liked it better when you were telling everybody what to do!” she pleaded.  “I'm sorry.”“No, that's okay.” Belinda smiled.  She then looked at me and Marcella.  “I want everyone to be okay with this though.” she said as she sat down on Hillary's lap.  Hillary didn't seem to mind.  “I've been fantasizing about this for years, so I've got some pretty kinky shit in my mind.”Possibly speaking out of turn, I blurted out “Just go for it.”  I was a little over zealous maybe.Belinda smiled back to me and then looked at Hillary.  “I'm not worried about you two.”  She then said, “Okay.  I'm just gonna go for it, so if anything happens that's too much for you, just say 'pancake.' and we'll stop.”I couldn't believe we were invoking a 'safe word.'  (Pancake is still the word we use, just so you know.)Hillary thought for a moment and then smiled again.  “Okay.”Belinda excitedly climbed onto the bed beside me.  She knelt next to me and pushed my thighs apart, exposing my full erection and smooth shaved balls to Hillary.  She then bent over me and took me into her mouth just long enough to coat my cock with saliva.  She then took my right hand and held it open in front of her face.  She pressed her flat tongue at the base of my palm and licked it, coating it with more spit before placing it against my smooth cock.  She then turned her attention to Hillary who was seated just a few feet in front of me.“First I want you to watch Johnny stroke his big fat cock for you.” Belinda moaned.Hillary giggled into her hand for just a second and then focused in.  I began slipping my spit drenched fist up and down my cock in slow long strokes.  I felt strangely calm.  I watched her eyes follow my fist up and down and grew even harder with each stroke, knowing that she was looking.“Do you like that?” Belinda began.“Mmm-hmm.” Hillary answered.“What do you like about it?” Belinda inquired.Hillary shifted her weight.  “I like how smooth it looks.”“What else?” Belinda pressed.“Mmm...I like the sound it makes.”“Yeah?” Belinda pushed.“Uh-huh.” Hillary moaned softly.Belinda let her observe me in silence for a moment before whispering lustfully “Have you ever thought about Johnny fucking you?”  Hillary looked up at Belinda nervously.  “It's okay.  Be honest.” Belinda soothed.Hillary's eyes drifted back down to my wet cock.  “Yes.”“What about you baby?”  Belinda purred into my ear.  “Have you ever thought about fucking Hillary?”“Mmm.  Yes.” I admitted as I watched Hillary's eyes widen further.Belinda then kissed me sensuously.  My cock was still standing straight up in front of Hillary as Belinda pulled my hand off of it.  Belinda was about to turn things into a whole new level of kinky.“Johnny, I want you to look at Hillary.” she began.  “Marcella is gonna suck your cock for you and while she does, I want you to tell Hillary everything you want to do to her.” Belinda moaned.I was waiting for Hillary to say pancake, but the word never escaped her lips.  I couldn't believe what was happening.  I closed my eyes and felt Marcella kneel on the bed beside me.  I then felt her hot breath on my cock, and finally her warm wet lips enveloping me.  I opened my eyes and let out a soft moan as I slid my palm down Marcella's back.  I let my wrist come to rest just above her ass crack and slid my middle finger between her cheeks.“That's it.” Belinda softly whispered.I located Marcella's asshole and began to lightly make circles with my fingertip and then looked directly at Hillary.“Hillary.” Belinda went on.  “I want you watch Marcella suck his cock.  I want you to watch everything they're doing.”Hillary stared straight into my eyes and nervously said “Okay.”“Now, Johnny...  What do you want to do to her right now?” Belinda panted into my ear.Marcella's lips slid effortlessly up and down my shaft.  Hillary's eyes moved all over the scene before her.  I suddenly felt more than naked.  I was vulnerable.I was exposed.  Would the dark things I revealed make her think less of me?  I finally released my worry and decided to just go with it.  The tension in the room was palpable.“I want to stand up and walk over to you.” I said, looking directly into her eyes.“Okay.” she slowly answered with a dry throat.  Belinda then went over and sat down on the love seat beside her.“I want to stand in front of you and put the tip of my cock an inch from your mouth and jerk off while you watch.” I said as Belinda placed her hand on Hillary's knee.Hillary stared ahead.  “Okay.”“Then I want you to take off your shirt.” I shuddered.“Then what?” Belinda purred.“I want you to take off your bra so we can all see your tits.”“What else?” Belinda pressed.“I want you to open your mouth and press your tongue against my cock.” I moaned.Belinda then slid her palm up Hillary's stomach.  Hillary looked at her nervously as she met her eyes.  “Do you want Johnny to put his cock in your mouth?”Hillary sat stunned for a moment as Belinda's flat palm rested against her ribs just below her right breast.  Finally she uttered “Okay.”Belinda then added “Do you want me and Marcella to watch you?”“Yes.” Hillary panted.Belinda then slid her palm up to Hillary's right breast and gently began to squeeze it.  “Then what would you do Johnny?”I watched Belinda's delicate hand massaging Hillary's firm breast as Marcella's head bobbed up and down in my lap.  I began to slide my finger into Marcella's anus.  “I would tell her to get naked.”“Yeah?” Belinda asked me, massaging Hillary's breast.“I would tell her to take off her panties and bend over the couch so we could see her asshole.” I admitted.Belinda drew her other hand up to the front of Hillary's blouse and began to unfasten the top button.  Hillary looked at her with mild panic in her eyes, but she still did not utter the safe word.  Belinda moved down to the second button.  “Do you want to show off your pretty little asshole?” she giggled.“Oh my god, you guys are fucking kinky!” Hillary laughed.  Belinda unbuttoned the rest of the buttons and pulled Hillary's blouse open to reveal a sheer black bra underneath.“I warned you.” Belinda smiled as she reached up to Hillary's chest with both hands and began massaging both breasts through her bra.  Hillary briefly closed her eyes and softly moaned into the night.Belinda then slid her hands down to Hillary's waist and began to work on the button of her white shorts.  Hillary's eyes popped open and she softly pleaded “Wait!  Wait!”Belinda continued to pull the button through the hole and whispered warmly “It's okay.”Hillary slowly sank back into the couch as Belinda took her hand and guided it into the front of her unfastened shorts.  Belinda then lifted the front of her panties up and pushed Hillary's hand inside.  “Now, touch yourself and tell us what you want us to do.” Belinda whispered to her.Hillary sank deeper into the couch as I watched her hand begin to rise and fall beneath the crotch of her panties.  She was still a little bit too shy to tell us what to do without some coaxing from Belinda.“Do you wanna watch Johnny fuck me?” she asked in a sweet playful tone.“Okay.” Hillary smiled as she dug her fingers deep into herself.Belinda pulled Marcella's face up from my lap.  She then climbed in front of me, facing Hillary.  She put her feet beside my thighs and squatted over my waiting cock.  Hillary watched and fingered herself as Belinda began to rub the tip of my cock on her wet pussy lips.  “Like this?”  Belinda asked.  Hillary moaned her affirmation.  “Do you wanna watch me take this big cock in my tight little pussy?” Belinda hungrily asked.“Yeah!” Hillary moaned.Belinda slid down onto me with a low moan.  Her pussy was still tight and felt amazing.  Hillary's eyes were fixed on Belin's glistening hairless cunt as it slid up and down my shaft.  “Have you ever watched two people fuck before?” Belinda panted.“No.” Hillary panted.“Do you think I'm a fucking slut because I like getting fucked in front of my friends?” Belinda blurted as she bucked on my cock.“No.” Hillary answered, trying to be cordial.“Yeah you do.” Belinda cooed.  “Tell me I'm a fucking slut!” she moaned.“Okay.” Hillary conceded with a soft giggle.“Do you think I'm a fucking slut because I like eating girls pussies?” Belinda begged.“Yes, I think you're a fucking slut!” Hillary moaned.“Oh, fuck yeah!” Belinda howled.  “Why else am I a fucking slut?” she demanded.  “Because I like to take it up the ass?” she crowed.  “Because I let my boyfriend fuck all my friends and then let him cum in my fucking mouth?” Belinda exploded.“Yes, you're a fucking dirty slut!” Hillary moaned as she finger-fucked herself.I couldn't believe how wild Belinda had become.  It was beyond my wildest imaginings.  Little did I know, she was only getting started.“Am I a slut because I want you to take your shorts off so we can all watch you finger your little pussy?” Belinda grunted.Hillary only thought for a brief moment before she began to rise to her feet.  Belinda continued to chant at her.  “Yeah, show us that little pussy!  Let us watch you finger fuck that pussy!” she growled.In an instant, Hillary was on her feet.  Her shorts fell down on their own and she hurriedly slipped out of her panties revealing a thin strip of golden pubic hair just above her pink slit.  She then let her shirt fall off of her shoulders, leaving her wearing only her sheer bra.  She fell back down on the sofa and spread her legs wide, giving the entire room a full view of her pretty little cunt before going back to diddling herself.“Yeah, work that pussy!” Belinda screamed as she bucked up and down on my cock.I finally took a moment to glance over at Marcella.  She was spread eagle on the bed, rubbing her clit and staring at Hillary.  It was clear that she didn't mind Hillary's involvement either, so I went back to focusing on Hillary.  Belinda then continued down the rabbit hole.  “Look at that pretty little pussy Johnny!” she moaned enthusiastically.  “You wanna fuck that tight little pussy, baby?” she asked.The answer was past my lips before I could even think about it.  “Fuck yes!”Marcella then slid off of the bed and sat on the arm of the love seat across from us and directly beside Hillary.  She spread her thighs open wide and continued to massage her cunt in long wet strokes.I suddenly realized that I was on the verge of having an orgasm.  With Belinda bucking on me the way she was and all of the filthy shit that she was saying, it had snuck up on me in a hurry.  I thought for a moment that I might be able to stave it off, but quickly realized it was too late.“Oh fuck!  I'm about to cum!” I shouted as Belinda hopped off of me.  All three of them stared as I reached up to my glistening shaft and began jerking it rapidly.“Fucking cum for us baby!” Belinda shouted.  “Show us that fucking cum.” she purred.  Marcella and Hillary were still vigorously fingering themselves as they waited for me to cum.Suddenly my stomach tensed and a volcano of hot thick cream erupted from the tip of my cock.  Belinda, Marcella and Hillary all cooed and hooted as a river of goo spewed over my vibrating fist and onto my belly.I lay, glazed and panting in the center of the bed.As though my orgasm was the deciding factor for the end of the night, once I was spent, Hillary and Marcella gradually stopped touching themselves.  I panted and silently cursed myself for cumming so early.  I hadn't even gotten anyone else off the entire night and was a little pissed at myself, even through the glow of my orgasm.  Belinda skipped into the bathroom and grabbed a towel.  She then tossed it onto my stomach as the girls all giggled drunkenly.I toweled off my stomach as Belinda helped Hillary up from the sofa.  She then smiled at her, both of them giggling, and said “That was so perfect!  Thank you so much!”  She then went on to hug her tightly around the waist.  Hillary was still wearing her sheer bra and Be and Marci remained naked.  I took a moment to enjoy the sight of Belinda pressing her naked body against Hillary's almost naked body.  Hillary giggled that she was happy to help.  Belinda gave her one last squeeze, then hopped onto the bed and lay down beside me.As Marci began to climb onto the bed to lay on my other side, Belinda tossed the towel off of my tummy and said to Hillary “I hope we didn't get too freaky for you.”Hillary looked down at the three of us and smiled warmly.  “I had no idea how kinky you guys are!”“Me neither.” Marcella added as she reached across me and playfully squeezed Belinda's tit.We had never had a spectator before, so I began to wonder what would happen now that it was over.  Would Hillary just get dressed and leave?  We had all been drinking.  Should she stay?  If she does stay, would she sleep with us or on the couch?..  All of these idiotic questions suddenly raced through my mind...  Then Hillary just sat back down on the love seat and crossed her legs.“So, was it everything you hoped for?” she smiled to Belinda.“Pretty much.” Belinda beamed.The atmosphere was suddenly and inexplicably so casual.  Maybe it was because the big moment everyone was anticipating was over.  I had cum so we could all relax...  Maybe.Anyway, Hillary just sat there on the love seat in just her bra and had a casual conversation with the three of us all lying completely naked in front of her.“So, am I the first person that's ever watched you guys do that?” Hillary asked.“Yeah.” Belinda smiled.  “Well, one time a bunch of people caught us giving Johnny a blow job together in the backyard at some party, but we stopped, you know?  It wasn't anything like this.”“You guys are fucking crazy!” Hillary laughed.“You have no idea.” Belinda smiled.  She then furrowed her brow.  “I feel bad though...  You didn't even get off.” she said in a sympathetic voice.“Oh, that's okay.” Hillary said.  “I wasn't really planning to.”“Well you can if you want.” Belinda offered as she cozied into my side.  “It ain't gonna bother me!” she smiled.“Really, that's okay.” Hillary dismissed her.Belinda was picking at her fingernails.  “Well, what if we all do it?” she asked absently.“All do what?” Hillary asked.“Well, none of us got off except Johnny...” she said.  I bashfully covered my face with a pillow.  “Oh, no, baby, I didn't mean it like that!” Belinda laughed.  “No, I just meant that I wanna get off and I bet Marcella wants to get off...  I know you can get off again.” she laughed as she reached down and took my flaccid cock in her hand.  “Come on!  It'll be fun!” she cheered. Belinda then hopped off of the bed and pulled me back over to sit on the edge facing the couch again.  She then pulled Marcella over to sit beside me.  Sitting on my other side, Belinda reached over to my crotch and began squeezing my soft cock in her fingers.  “Come on, this will be the perfect finale.” she said as she worked my cock back to life.  Hillary giggled as she and Marcella watched my cock begin to grow in Belinda's hand.  Before long, I was as hard as an oak again.  Belinda then casually spat on my cock and pushed my hand toward it.  I could see that Hillary's interest was returning.Belinda then went over to Marcella and twisted her erect nipple between her thumb and finger.  “Now, you just watch Johnny jerking his big pretty cock...” she said as she slipped Marcella's hand between her legs.  Marcella giggled briefly before she opened her thighs further and began to gently finger herself.Belinda then plopped down in the love seat beside Hillary.  Hillary laughed at Belinda's comical behavior as Belinda pulled at her thigh.  Finally Hillary relaxed and spread her thighs.  Belinda then took her wrist and guided her hand back down to her little pink slit.  Hillary giggled once more as she threw her head back and submitted to Belinda's will.I stared down at Hillary's little pink pussy as her fingertips began to softly explore.  She had a beautiful little pussy and I couldn't take my eyes off of it.  Belinda then pushed her forward and began to fumble with the clasp on her bra.  Hillary giggled more as Belinda popped it loose.  “You don't get to be the only person wearing something.” she smiled.Hillary let the bra slip over her shoulders and down between her feet on the floor.  I hadn't seen her tits in eight years, but they were still beautiful.  We never discussed her cup size, but I would've guessed a large C or small D.  Her flesh was pale and her nipples were light pink.  They were about the size of half dollars and were placed just above the center of her breasts giving them a perky quality.For the first minute of our mutual masturbation, things were a bit awkward.  The four of us sat facing each other, silently tending to ourselves, occasionally smiling or giggling at one another.  The lustful mood from earlier had dwindled and now everything just felt forced.  Every so often one of us would giggle to try and break the tension, but it wouldn't go away for long.  Then Belinda's voyeuristic side came out to liven things up.“Hey Marci?” she called over.“Yeah?” Marci softly answered.“Do you know what would be really hot?” Belinda asked.“What?” Marcella shyly grinned.Belinda then slid her finger inside herself and moaned “If you got on all fours and made Johnny lick your asshole while you finger yourself.”I smiled and Marcella giggled quietly.  “Okay.” She climbed up onto the bed and assumed the position.  Her hand then appeared between her legs and began to work her tight little pussy.  Continuing to stroke my cock, I turned toward her and placed my left hand on her left ass cheek and pushed it open, exposing her puckered little hole to Belinda and Hillary.  I then leaned in and lightly began push my tongue into her rectum.  She moaned aloud as my wet tongue covered her quivering asshole for a good minute or so before she finally began giggling and turned around.She resumed her position beside me and looked up at Belinda with devilish eyes.  “Belinda...  You know what I think would be really hot?” she asked.Belinda returned her smirk.  “What?” she asked.“...If you suck on Hillary's tits.” Marcella moaned.Up to that point, it had all been a show.  We did some pretty freaky stuff in front of Hillary, but no one had laid a hand on her yet aside from a short boob massage from Belinda, and that was on top of the clothes.  Belinda turned to look at Hillary who was leaning back into the couch and working her fingers in and out of her own wet pussy in slow deep thrusts.  Belinda lowered her head toward Hillary's chest and looked up at her smiling face and asked “Pancake?”Hillary's smile broadened as she arched her back and moaned “Mmm, no.”  With that, Belinda opened her mouth and pressed her wet tongue against Hillary's pink nipple.  Hillary moaned as Belinda closed her lips around her nipple and tugged at it with her lips.  I felt another surge of blood rush down into my groin as I began to quicken my pace.  Things were starting to get interesting.Belinda finally pulled away from Hillary's chest with a wet chin.  Hillary smiled at her, saying “That was nice.”Belinda then pinched her wet nipple softly and smiled.  “You like it when girls suck on your nipples?” she giggled.“Does that make me a slut?” Hillary giggled back.“No...” Belinda feigned thought.  “Hmm...  What WOULD make you a slut?” she paused.  Then she leveled her eyes back at Hillary.  "I know what might make you a slut." Belinda moaned.  She then nodded her head toward me.  “It sounds like Johnny's getting a little dry over there...”  Hillary smiled at her.  Belinda licked her lips just inches from Hillary's mouth.  “If you were to lean over there and spit on his cock, that might make you a slut, maybe...”I was bursting with anticipation.  I couldn't believe how dirty Belinda had gotten and I was loving every moment.  Hillary took her hand from her crotch and slowly stood up.  Marcella and Belinda stared at her as she placed her hands on my thighs and leaned over me.  I leaned back to give her more room as she bent down further until she was no more than six inches from my cock.  She then opened her mouth and let a long string of saliva dangle from her lips, down onto my throbbing erection.  It finally shook loose from her lip and I wrapped my hand around my spittle drenched shaft and went back to work.  Belinda and Marcella booth hooted their approval as Hillary sat back down beside Belinda.“That felt pretty slutty.” Hillary giggled.I was rubbing Hillary's spit all over my cock as Belinda turned to her and said "It was pretty slutty, but not TOTALLY slutty." Belinda giggled."Ha-ha!" Hillary laughed.  "So, then what would be TOTALLY slutty?" she asked."You don't wanna know." Belinda smirked."Okay, then what would be a little MORE slutty?" Hillary giggled back.Belinda laughed briefly as she absently slid her fingers over her clit.  "Uh...  A little more slutty would be..." she drifted off in thought.  "Sucking on my tits." she mused."Okay." Hillary giggled back.Belinda turned toward Hillary and arched her back.  "Go ahead." she smiled.Marcella and I both hooted as Hillary bent over Belinda and drew her puffy nipple into her mouth.  She was half smiling as she coated it with saliva.  She finally pulled away and we were all giggling like little kids again.  Hillary chaffed "Okay, so what would be even more slutty than that?"Apparently, our kink had rubbed off on Hillary.  She was challenging Belinda now.  She wanted to see how far Belinda would push her.  Belinda smiled at her and thought for a moment.  "What about letting me suck on one of your tits while Marcella sucks the other one?""Bring it on." Hillary smiled.Everyone was giggling as Marcella stepped over to the sofa and knelt in front of Hillary.  Hillary leaned back and Belinda and Marcella moved in.  As they tenderly sucked on Hillary's nipples, the entire mood of the evening began to shift.  Hillary began to moan softly as she fingered herself.When Belinda and Marcella finally pulled away, Belinda locked eyes with Hillary.  She spoke soft and low.  "You know what would be really fuckin' hot?""What?" Hillary asked, quite seriously.Belinda rested her hand on Hillary's thigh and began to slide it upward.  She then looked at Marcella and was met with her dark bedroom eyes.  Marcella took her cue from Belinda and put her own hand on Hillary's other thigh.  Belinda then turned back to Hillary and inched closer to her face.  She then seductively whispered "Letting me and Marcella fuck you."I sat down on the love seat and watched Belinda lay Hillary down in the center of the bed.  I could see how nervous she was about what she had just agreed to.  She had never been with a woman that way and she was visibly terrified.  Belinda then crawled up from the foot of the bed.  Her curly brown hair hung in wild disarray as she slid down onto the mattress beside Hillary, facing her.  Marcella then lay down on Hillary's other side.Belinda slid her fingertips up and down Hillary's lithe body.  She started just above her pubis and drug her fingertips up her belly and between her large breasts.  Hillary exhaled slowly as Belinda began to tease her left nipple.  Then Belinda leaned in and gently kissed her on the lips.  I watched Hillary timidly open her mouth wider and wider to accept Belinda's gentle tongue.  As they began to kiss more deeply, Marcella bent over Hillary's chest and gently licked her left nipple.  Hillary moaned softly into Belinda's mouth.  Belinda then rested her palm on Hillary's flat stomach and began to slide it downward.  Hillary took a deep breath as Belinda slid her fingertips just over her strip of blonde pubic hair.  Belinda kissed her deeper still as she inched her fingertips downward until they gently rested over her slit.  As Belinda applied slight pressure, Hillary let out a high pitched moan to harken the first time another woman had ever touched her down there.  Belinda began making slow circles around Hillary's clit as she pulled her lips away from Hillary's and turned her eager tongue toward her right nipple.  No sooner had Belinda's mouth parted from hers than Marcella's eager lips swooped in and began to gently kiss her.  Belinda increased her pressure slightly as Hillary and Marcella began to kiss deeply.  Marcella slid her hand over Hillary's left breast and teased her nipple as Belinda began to slip her finger inside of Hillary's wet, eager pussy.At that, Hillary let out an explosive moan.  Belinda went back up to kiss Hillary once more and found Marcella already tending to her.  The three of them all touched tongues as Belinda pleasured Hillary's groin with her fingers.  As Belinda slipped away, Marcella resumed her deep kiss with Hillary.  I then watched Belinda sensuously slide her body toward the foot of the bed.  She flashed me a lustful glance as she lay flat on her tummy between Hillary's thighs.  She then lowered her head and silently pressed her tongue against Hillary's tight slit.Hillary's body began to tighten and flex as she rhythmically panted.  Belinda tongued at her pussy with expert precision.  Marcella continued to lick her breasts, only pausing for an occasional kiss.  I stared in awe as my two beautiful women deflowered Hillary before my eyes.  A short while later, I saw Marcella raise her left leg and prop it up, effectively spreading her thighs as she lay on her side.  She then took Hillary's left hand and drew her fingers into her mouth.  Once they were wet with Marcella's saliva, Marci guided Hillary's hand down between her thighs.  Hillary timidly began rubbing Marcella's wet pussy as Marcella went back to kissing her.Over the next half hour or so, I watched the three of them sensually make love.  They frequently changed positions.  Hillary eventually got her first taste of another woman.  The three of them all took turns kissing, biting, licking and tasting one another.  None of them spoke during all of that.  Their movements were slow and patient.  The atmosphere was drenched in eroticism.Belinda was lying on her back in the center of the bed.  Marcella was lying on her tummy between Belinda's thighs, lapping at her smooth slit with great tenderness.  Hillary lay beside Belinda, kissing her lips and neck.  As Hillary lowered her tongue down to Belinda's nipple, Belinda panted "I wanna get fucked now."She then propped herself up on her elbows and turned toward me.  "Come here baby." she smiled.I was happy to have a chance to redeem myself.  I wasn't sure if Hillary would stay involved if I joined in on their fun, but it was a risk I was happy to take.  What I had been watching them do for the better part of an hour had left me wanting.  I stood up from the love seat as the girls cleared out a spot in the center of the bed.  My cock was still standing straight up.  I climbed onto the bed between Belinda and Hillary and lay down on my back.  Hillary was still smiling, but kept her distance.Belinda swung her leg over me.  She was facing my feet, straddling my tummy.  In that moment, it wasn't about making love for her.She wanted to fuck me and she wanted to put on a hell of a show doing it.I was shivering with anticipation.  She reached down between her thighs, took hold of my cock and positioned it at the soft opening of her flower.  Then, in one smooth motion, she lowered herself down onto me.Marcella sat to our right and Hillary was kneeling on our left.  I watched Belinda's beautiful ass bounce up and down on my crotch as I felt our two smooth hairless parts intermingling.  Marcella leaned over to Belinda and began kissing her deep and wet on the mouth.  To this, Belinda leaned backward into me as she ground her pussy down on my shaft.  Hillary then joined the fray and began squeezing Belinda's bouncing breasts.  Belinda turned to Hillary and gave her a deep wet kiss as Marcella slipped her hand over Belinda's tummy and rested her fingertips on Belinda's exposed and swollen clit.As Belinda bounced all over my cock and got her tits sucked and squeezed by Marci and Hillary, I felt Marcella's hand begin to gently massage my smooth balls.  Hillary then took over rubbing Belinda's clit, but was very careful to keep from making contact with me.  Maybe she was afraid that she would be overstepping her boundaries.  I didn't know how Belinda or Marcella would feel about it either, although it was clear that they were both enjoying her company at the present moment.  I began to wonder if Belinda's exhibitionist nature would lead to more experiences like this one in our future.Whether it was from exhaustion or just an act of generosity, Belinda finally climbed off of me.  Neither one of us had reached a climax yet, which led me to think that the night was still alive with possibilities.  Belinda took Marcella's place on my right side as Marcella climbed onto me.  She feverishly pulled my cock into her glistening cunt and began to ride me reverse cowgirl.  Hillary immediate resumed the position she had dutifully filled when Belinda was the one on top, and began to rub Marcella's clit as she licked her bouncing tits.Instead of joining her, Belinda lay down beside me and kissed me deeply before pulling just a few inches away.  She was giddy and smiling like a child on Christmas morning.  She then began to softly whisper."Can you believe this?" she quietly moaned.   I was  too lost in the pleasure I was receiving from Marcella's tight pussy to answer her.   She kissed me again and then pushed in close to my ear.In a barely audible voice, Belinda moaned “I wanna watch you fuck Hillary.”A smile spread across my face.Belinda giggled and nibbled my earlobe.I had already seen what an exhibitionist Belinda had become.Now I was beginning to see her voyeuristic side.“Do you want me to see if I can get her to fuck you?” Belinda moaned quietly into my ear.“Okay.” I smiled back before kissing her again.I then grabbed Marcella by the hips and rolled with her onto our sides so that I was fucking her from behind in the spoon position.This left Hillary behind me.Belinda was clamoring to her knees by Marcella's head and she eagerly waved Hillary over to her.I grabbed Marcella's left leg and lifted it high in the air so that I could penetrate her more deeply.Hillary scurried over to Belinda and they were soon face to face on their knees.The sound of Marcella's bellowing filled the room as Belinda pulled Hillary in close and began kissing her.I watched their hands begin to explore each other's beautiful bodies before each of them found the other's crotch and began pleasuring one another.Belinda looked Hillary in the eyes seductively and said “Thank you so much for this.” before going back in for another kiss.“This is so fucking hot.” she cooed.Marcella began to roll her stomach toward the mattress beneath me.She had always loved it from behind, so I followed her lead and rose up to my knees behind her.I stared down at her beautiful ass as I rubbed the tip of my cock on her glistening bald pussy.As I thrust back into her, Belinda leaned across her back toward me and threw her arms around my neck.She kissed me with animal ferocity as I pounded away at Marcella.Hillary was behind her, gently slipping her fingertips across Belinda's swollen clit.Amid Marcella's loud moaning and the slapping sound of my hips repeatedly slamming into Marci's beautiful round ass, I heard Belinda urgently groan to Hillary.“Rub my fuckin' asshole!”Despite having fucked Marcella in the ass the night before, I hadn't gotten to do that with Belinda in over three years.When she told Hillary to rub her asshole, I immediately began to wonder if she had decided she was ready for something a bit bigger back there.I was even further excited when I saw Hillary wet a finger in her mouth and then reach behind Belinda.Even though Hillary and I had still not had contact, things were rapidly heating up.Hillary massaged Belinda's rectum as Belin and I made out.My pelvis continued to smack against Marcella's beautiful ass as I barreled into her from behind.Belinda's inner freak began to bubble to the surface again.She unexpectedly turned to Hillary and commanded “Put your tongue in my fuckin' ass!”I wasn't sure Hillary would be down for that.After all, only an hour earlier, she had never even gone down on a girl, let alone eaten one's ass out.Belinda didn't even wait for a response, opting instead to resume passionately kissing me.I kept my eyes wide open though.I had to see Hillary's reaction.Hillary simply inched back a bit and bent at the waist behind Belinda.I pounded Marcella with Belinda's tongue down my throat and watched in awe as Hillary pushed Belinda's ass cheeks apart and buried her tongue in Belinda sweet bum.“Oh, fuck yeah!” Belinda growled.“Yeah, eat my fuckin' asshole baby!Eat that dirty little asshole!”I had always thought of Hillary as being a bit of a slut, but what she was doing now was well beyond my wildest imaginings.Her nervousness had slipped away along with her inhibitions.She lapped at Belinda's asshole with reckless abandon.I had already been thinking about fucking Hillary, but that image sent me over the edge.It turned out that I was in luck.After another minute or so, Belinda pushed me back, away from Marcella.I sat on my haunches at the foot of the bed as Marci rolled onto her side.Belinda rose back up to her knees in front of Hillary and began rubbing her pussy as she feverishly spoke.“You like eating my fuckin' asshole?Huh, you little slut?You like eating my asshole?”Hillary just moaned aloud.“You little fuckin' slut!You want some cock now?”Hillary couldn't answer other than to moan again.“Is that what you want you little fucking slut?You want to fuck my boyfriend's big fucking cock?”“OOH FUCK YES!” Hillary finally bellowed.Marcella began fingering herself as she watched the exchange.Belinda pressed on.“Yeah?You wanna fuck my boyfriend you little slut?”“Yes!” Hillary moaned as Belinda pinched her nipple hard.“Tell me!Tell me you're a little fucking slut and you wanna fuck my boyfriend right in front of me!” Belinda demanded.OH FUCK!I'm a little fucking slut!Oh, I'm a dirty slut and I want your boyfriend's cock in my tight little pussy!” Hillary released.“Yeah?” Be pressed further.“Tell me how you want that fuckin' cock!Tell everybody how you like to get fucked!”“From behind!” Hillary panted.Hillary got down on her hands and knees in the center of the bed, putting her beautiful athletic ass on display for everyone to admire.Belinda and Marcella each got on either side of her.Marcella reached below her and began rubbing her waiting cunt as Belinda hung a glob of spit over her exposed rectum.The spit landed squarely on Hillary's asshole and dribbled down to her smooth pussy lips.As I scooted forward, Belinda shoved her tongue into my mouth before withdrawing and urging me “Fuck that little slut baby!I wanna see you fuck that little pussy good!”Recalling how Hillary had openly admitted enjoying anal sex earlier in the evening, I began to rub the tip of my cock through Belinda's spittle on Hillary's 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I thought. '...Wow.'I was excited at the prospect of Belinda wanting to perform in front of on-lookers.Now I was beginning to understand that she didn't only want to be watched.She wanted to watch too.I began navigating all of the possibilities that this could lead to in my mind.Would she want to watch me fuck other girls?Would she want to watch Marcella fuck other girls or guys?Would she want to fuck other guys while we watched her?Each though filled my imagination.I wasn't too keen on the idea of sharing either Belinda or Marcella back then, but I had to admit that the thought did turn me on in some strange way.I was then suddenly jerked back into reality by Belinda's urgent voice.“Fuck that pussy baby!Fuck that tight little pussy!” she growled as Hillary's fevered moaning filled the room.“Does that feel good baby?” Belinda cooed.“Does that pussy feel good?”“Oh, if feels so fucking good!” I panted.“Let me taste that fucking pussy!” Belinda commanded before opening her mouth wide.I pulled my gleaming cock out of Hillary's gushing hole and rammed it deep into Belinda's mouth.She sucked me in for five or six strokes before spitting me out to go back to Hillary's warm little fuck nest.I then registered from the corner of my eye that Marcella was turning over.She got on her knees beside Hillary and stuck her ass up in the air.I then saw her glistening finger reach around from her side.She immediately found her puckered little rectum and slipped her finger deep into her asshole.This was something I would see Marcella do a lot over the years and it turns me on even more each time.I grabbed Marcella's ass and pulled her closer to me.She scooted down to be side by side with Hillary as she continued to work her middle finger in and out of her asshole.Belinda then noticed the pattern and positioned herself on all fours on Hillary's right side.I finally figured out that they had made a little 'line-up' for me.I had seen this in porn movies before and had always wanted to do it...I slid my cock out of Hillary and stepped over to Marcella and quickly dipped my cock into her waiting pussy.After a moment, I stepped behind Hillary again and pushed back into her.I then stepped behind Belinda and slipped into her warm hole.If this was a glimpse into the future, I couldn't wait!I stayed inside of Belinda for a while, enjoying her rough panting.Far to my left, I stared at Marcella's finger, still working deep into her anus.I forcefully muttered “Yeah, finger fuck that tight little asshole for me.”What I hadn't expected was for Hillary to think that I was speaking to her!Her hand suddenly disappeared from between her legs and reappeared over her right ass cheek.Her glistening finger tip began to massage her puckered little hole before gently slipping inside.This was what you'd refer to as a 'happy accident.'Knowing that Hillary liked anal and then seeing her sliding her finger in and out of her butt was enough for me to make another bold move.I slid my middle finger into my mouth and covered it with spit.As I continued to pound Belinda, I reached over to Hillary's ass and slid my hand beneath hers.Her hand then disappeared beneath her body again and re-emerged down between her thighs.She resumed massaging her clit as I forced my wet finger up her ass.Thank god I had gotten that first orgasm out of the way, because this went on for a while.All three of them were moaning loud and saying all kinds of dirty shit to one another.I suddenly began to sense another orgasm coming.I caught it early enough to slip out of Belinda's warm cunt and take a short break.I then stepped over to Marcella who was still jamming her middle finger in and out of her own asshole.Marcella had the most amazing ass...Once I felt I had recovered enough, I slipped my cock effortlessly into Marcella's pussy.I fucked her without mercy, yet she continued to ram her finger in and out of her ass.Belinda then crawled forward and got in front of Hillary.Hillary continued fingering herself, bent over the bed as Belinda shoved her ass in Hillary's face.Belinda made no demands.She no longer needed to.Hillary was hers now and she did exactly what Belin wanted her to do.I watched, amazed as Hillary shoved her open mouth into Belinda's ass.Belinda moaned out as Hillary's thrashing tongue found her sphincter again.“Oh fuck yeah baby!OH FUCK!Eat my fuckin ass baby!” Belinda panted.As I watched Belinda get her asshole cleaned, Marcella began to slam backward into me.She moaned louder and louder as she dug her finger deeper into her own asshole.The muscles lining her vaginal wall tightened around my cock as she screamed her way through a reality bending orgasm.As she began to shudder and tense up, I slowed my rhythm to long deep strokes until she was completely spent.'One down...' I thought.I slid out of Marcella and she fell onto her side on the bed, drunk with pleasure.Then the moment I had been waiting three years for finally arrived.I turned my attention to the two writhing bodies to my right.Belinda was on all fours in the center of the bed, fingering herself as Hillary tongue fucked her asshole.Belinda looked back at me with her face twisted in overwhelming sensation.“Johnny!” she moaned.“I want you...I want that cock in my ass!”Belinda was ready to put on her final show of the night.Hillary cleared out of the way and looked up at me.Her eyes were on fire with anticipation.Belinda pulled her forward to lay beside her.Marcella lay on her other side.Belinda then fell over on her right side and pulled her knees up by her chest, exposing her wet little pink anus to everyone.I climbed up and lay on my side behind Belinda.Marcella kissed her softly on the lips.“How long has it been?” she smiled.“Maybe a year?” Belinda admitted with a slight twinge of worry in her voice at the pleasure and pain to come.“Well, this is your fantasy baby...” Marcella whispered softly.“How do you want this to go?”Even in that strange circumstance, Marcella was so sweet.Belinda thought for a moment.“We never did this back then...” she thought.“Let's do it like it's really happening for the first time.”“Okay.” Marcella smiled.With a final soft kiss, Marcella slid back and slipped into character.“Are you sure about this Belinda?” Marcella feigned shock and concern.“Yeah.” Belinda mumbled as she found her own character again.“Yes.I want that big cock in my ass!”“You're such a fucking slut.” Marcella giggled.“Hillary, can you believe she's gonna let Johnny put his dick in her ass?..Have you ever let a guy do that?”Hillary stretched out on her side behind me and played along.“Fuck, yeah!” she giggled.“I love getting fucked in the ass!” she beamed with over the top dramatics.“See?” Belinda giggled.“Hillary likes it!”“Don't listen to her.” Marci advised as she tossed Hillary a sexy wink.“Everybody knows Hillary is a total slut.”Hillary giggled back.“Hey!I'm not the one who likes watching her boyfriend fuck all of her friends!If anyone is a slut here' it's Belinda!”Marcella laughed quietly before turning more seriously to Belinda.“Is that right?Are you a fucking slut?” she asked, grabbing Belinda by the jaw.“Are you a little fucking slut that likes watching your boyfriend fuck all your friends?I bet you get off on it!I bet you like watching him fuck all your friends, don't you?”“Yes!” Belinda moaned.“Oh, I fucking love it!”“Is that why you make me watch you suck his cock all the time?-- Huh?Cause you're a little slut?” Marcella goaded.“Fuck yeah, I'm a little fucking slut!” Belinda moaned.“Yeah?You want that cock now?” Marcella toyed with her.“Yeah!Yeah, I want that fucking cock!”“Where do you want it?” Marcella pressed.“Oh, fuck.I want it in my tight little asshole.” Belinda purred.“Shove that big fucking cock up myass!” Belinda moaned.I pressed my cock against her rectum and held her hips firmly.Hillary and Marcella both stared at the tip of my shaft as I forced it slowly into Belinda's tight anus.“OOOHH FUCK!” Belinda bellowed.“How does it feel?” Marci grinned.“Oh my god, it feels so fucking good!” Belinda growled.“Yeah?You like having a big hard cock in your ass you fucking slut?”“I fucking love it!I love having Johnny's big cock in my ass!” Belinda howled.Marci eventually fell silent and went to kissing Belinda and fondling her perky little tits.Belinda's asshole felt amazing.She hadn't been fucked in the ass for a good while, so it was practically like the first time.As I slowly slid in and out of her beautiful little ass, Hillary reached down between us and began to sensuously massage my balls.The entire experience was incredibly erotic.Belinda wasn't quite out of kink yet.Up to that point, despite everything we'd done, Hillary still hadn't had my cock in her mouth.“Mmm, fuck!” Belinda moaned as she turned to look over her shoulder at Hillary.“Pull that fucking cock out of my ass.” she moaned.I leaned back and Hillary took the base of my cock and slid the length of my shaft out of Belinda's gaping hole.“Mmm..Now put that fucking cock in your mouth!” Belinda growled.Hillary hesitated for a moment.She looked at Belinda and was met with a lustful stare.She then looked at Marcella.Marcella smiled at her and licked her lips.It was so fucking sexy I about came right then.Hillary turned back toward my cock and opened her mouth wide.Impressively, she pulled my entire cock deep into her mouth and sucked it for a few seconds before gagging and spitting it out.She then guided the tip back into Belinda's gaping asshole.As I began to fuck her ass again, Belinda pulled Hillary's face into her own and gave her a sloppy wet kiss.As they parted, Belinda grinned at Hillary.“Now, THAT was TOTALLY slutty.” she giggled.Hillary went back to massaging my balls as I worked my cock deeper into Belinda's ass.Belinda raised her left leg high into the air to allow me to push even deeper into her bowels.About that time, Marcella had taken to Belinda's cunt with her right hand and was practically fucking her with three fingers.Belinda's moaning began to increase in volume.Marcella and I saw the signs.Belinda would be climaxing soon.I began to quicken my thrusts into Belinda's asshole.Within moments, Belinda released an ear drum shattering scream.I felt warm liquid spray out onto my balls in pulsing gushes.She screamed wild profanities as Marcella furiously rubbed her clit and pushed on her stomach.My entire cock was up her ass.I continued to feel the warm fluid gush out onto my balls and down my thighs.That was the day we learned that Belinda is a squirter.I finally slid my cock out of her tortured asshole.Belinda giggled as she curled up into the fetal position.I looked down at the comforter that was now damp with her fluids.“Holy shit!” I exclaimed as Marcella smiled up to me.“We got a squirter!” she laughed.Once the laughter died down, Marcella kissed Belinda softly on the lips.“So, did we live up to the fantasy?”Belinda responded by grabbing Marcella and squeezing her close.They kissed passionately once more.Then Belinda finally sat up.She looked at Hillary.“You still haven't cum yet.”“That's okay.” Hillary assured her with a smile.Belinda looked at me as she rebutted.“You should just fuck Johnny until you cum.” she smiled.“Ha-ha!” Hillary laughed.“Seriously, Belinda, it's fine.You don't have to get your boyfriend to throw me a pity fuck.”“Why don't you let him fuck you in the ass?” Marcella chimed in.(I love you Marci.)Hillary looked at Marcella and then back to Belinda.“Seriously?” she asked, genuinely surprised.Belinda smiled.“In the fantasy, I get Johnny to cum on all three of us at the end, so I still want him to cum again anyway.Is it okay if he cum's on you?” Belinda asked very casually.“I guess so.” Hillary giggled.“I guess he could just jack off on us or whatever, but...” she paused, leaning closer to Hillary “...I think it would be way hotter to watch you take it up the ass.”Hillary shook her head in amazement.She looked at the floor for a moment.Then back up to my cock which was still rigid.Then back up to Belinda.“...Alright.Let's do this!” she laughed.Marci took over from there.“If this is the big finale, we're gonna do it right!” she exclaimed as she pulled Hillary into the center of the bed.Hillary got down on all fours with her beautiful ass up in the air.Marcella then sat down at the head of the bed and opened her legs wide enough for Belinda to sit down in front of her.Belinda leaned back into Marcella as Marcella held her in a loving embrace.“Scoot up some Hillary.” Marcella politely ordered.Hillary obeyed.“Belin, spread your legs.”“And, what is this all about?” Belinda asked as she kissed Marcella over the shoulder.It was so beautiful.Aside from the fact that they were both naked, they looked like a regular couple sitting down in front of the couch to watch a movie.They held each other and kissed with such tenderness and love.My heart grew in that short little moment.Marcella smiled into Belinda's eyes and then looked up at Hillary.“Since this is the big finish to your fantasy, and since we turned Hillary into a raging dyke tonight, (we all laughed) I thought that since you're gonna let your boyfriend fuck her in the ass, it was only fair that she go down on you.”There was another moment of lighthearted laughter as I climbed up onto the bed behind Hillary.“So, you love getting fucked in the ass?” Marcella smiled at her.Despite all of the taboo things we were discussing, the conversation was remarkably casual.“Uh-huh.” Hillary answered.“How long has it been since the last time?” Belinda asked her.“Like a week?” Hillary pondered.“Wait..” Marcella interjected with a coy grin.“Do you have a boyfriend Hillary?”Hillary blushed.“No.”“OH MY GOD, you ARE a total slut!” Marcella laughed.“Who was it?”I bent down behind Hillary and pushed her ass cheeks apart.“This guy I work with.” Hillary answered.I spit a wet glob of saliva onto her little pink anus.“Where were you when it happened?” Marcella begged.I began spreading it around with the tip of my tongue.“Oh, god...In the bathroom at work.” Hillary admittedI knelt behind her and grabbed the base of my cock.“OH MY GOD!You let some random guy fuck you in the ass in the bathroom while you were at work?You are SUCH a slut!” Marcella giggled.Knowing that Hillary was such a promiscuous little thing kind of made me want to fuck her even more for some strange reason.She went on to defend herself.“He wasn't some 'random guy.'We've worked together for like three years.” she giggled.I began rubbing the tip of my cock on her spittle drenched anus.Marcella reached around Belinda's relaxed waist and began massaging her breasts and teasing her nipples.Belinda reached up and pulled Hillary's head down into her crotch.I thrust my cock deep into Hillary's asshole.She wasn't as tight as Belinda or Marcella had been, but she still felt amazing.Hillary dug her tongue into Belinda's wet mound as Marcella played with Belinda's beautiful tits.I stared ahead at Belinda and Marcella.I listened to them both hooting raunchy words of encouragement to our new little fuck doll.I realized then that Hillary was nothing more than a play thing.Belin and Marcy weren't threatened by her in the least.They were happy to have their fun with her and let me have mine too.We all knew that at the end of the day, it was the three of us that were together.Once I understood that, I understood how things would work in the years to come.I could happily watch Belinda get fucked by some other guy, or Marcella sucking one of my friend's cocks.They could watch me fuck an army of beautiful women.As long as we were honest with each other and we trusted each other, nothing was ever off limits.I've always hated the term 'swinger.' just because it sounds so cheap and selfish.What we had was more than that.We deeply thrived on watching each other be happy.It was like reaching enlightenment... but there was sex.Hillary had been taking it like a champ.She had made use of her nimble fingers and was bringing herself to orgasm.Belinda couldn't cum again despite Hillary's best efforts, but she enjoyed herself anyway.Hillary finally reached orgasm just moments before I announced that my own was on it's way.Belinda crawled over to Hillary's right flank and Marcella took the left.Belinda told me to fuck Hillary's dirty little asshole until I came.I grabbed Hillary's hips and laid into her with everything I had and a moment later, I jerked my cock out of her gaping asshole and began violently stroking it, desperately chasing down my own moment of sweet release.Belinda and Marcella both lay their heads on Hillary's round ass cheeks and opened their mouths wide as I sprayed a thick swath of cum all over Hillary's ass and my two girlfriends' beautiful faces.Epilogue:Hillary ended up sleeping over.She slept in the bed with the three of us and left after breakfast the next day.She kissed us each goodbye as she left.Marcella still had a few days until she had to get back to Austin, but my flight home was later that afternoon.Belinda would be flying back the day after.Before we all parted ways, we spoke about the future.We were all alive with excitement.I came to terms with how I would end things with Amanda.Belinda had to move out of Bruce's place.Marcella had to finish getting divorced.What I learned in the next few months was that divorces take forever...Belinda and I got home and followed through with the things we had to do.I was able to end things with Amanda somewhat amicably.Belinda had a much more difficult time dealing with Bruce.She then moved in with me into my small garage apartment until we could find something more practical.Then we waited...It took eight months for Marcella to finally get her divorce.Fortunately, Belinda and I were able to find ways to keep ourselves 'entertained' while we waited.It was then that I started keeping a journal.Life had become too interesting to risk forgetting.NEXT:“JOURNAL-001:WAITING FOR MARCELLA”

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