opened his legs337p日本欧洲亚洲大胆裸体艺术

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opened his legs337p日本欧洲亚洲大胆裸体艺术

Although it had been planned for more than a year, John Talbot wanted to celebrate his daughter’s birthday on a cruise. He wanted to have two separate bedrooms and wouldn’t you know it, Norwegian created a new ship that fit the bill. He made the deposit a year ahead of time, and then had routinely made monthly payments for a Haven 2-bedroom family villa with a balcony. Sadly, days before they were scheduled to leave, Kim (his wife) found out some bad news from work. She was new at her firm, and was told she must take over a senior member’s cases due to his illness, or lose her job. Fighting back tears, she begged her husband to go ahead anyway, since they were long past the time when they could get a refund. Amy was bummed as well, but since lately she and her Mom didn’t always get along so well (those early teen years . . . yikes!), she was secretly happy to be going with her Daddy . . . all by herself.Amy’s body had begun to change, and her titties were now almost apple-sized. But that wasn’t the only change . . . she had begun to get horny and much more curious about guys . . . and that also included her Daddy. Her parents continued to have almost nightly “fuck sessions” and she had found ways to sometimes watch them in action . . . usually when their door to their bedroom was left ajar. She especially enjoyed watching her mother . . . suck her Daddy’s cock and then ride his shaft while he tweaked her breasts. As a result, she remained very envious of their lovemaking.Now that she was going to be alone with her father aboard ship, all sorts of possibilities entered into her young teenage fantasies. And she thought to herself, no one would ever know anything about what they might just do together. But she wasn’t the only one with pure lust on their mind. John was a middle school teacher, and daily he watched girls just about his daughter’s age, flirt with him on a regular basis. It was almost funny how 14 and 15-year-old girls, with low scooped tops would thrust their titties forward to show off their budding breasts or better yet, slump just right . . . so that he could peer down their tops and see an occasional bare developing breast or even some stiff nipples. He was continually readjusting his cock as he made the rounds up and down the aisle in his classroom. But it wasn’t just the girls in his class that he wanted to see, and maybe even play with . . . Amy was at the top of his list and this trip might just be the place to begin her education. Discovering Amy . . . Talking Dirty for the First TimeAmy had not really dated yet . . . mostly because her mom was against it. But that didn’t mean she stayed away from boys. Just before she left school for spring break, she was standing with her best friends when an older guy (she was pretty sure he was a junior in high school) struck up a conversation with her outside school. The middle school and high school shared the same campus and if a high school student stayed 20 minutes or more later than the dismissal bell, they would be socializing with the younger students . . . like Amy. “You’re Amy right?” asked Mike. Rather amazed he knew her name, the cute perky girl with the long blonde hair nodded her head.“I’m Mike and I wondered whether you wanted to hang out for a little bit?” Amy’s friends immediately got the hint and moved closer to the bus, leaving their best friend by herself with the very handsome boy. What 14-year-old girl would not have been flattered to have a boy older than her, strike up a conversation. They talked back and forth for a few minutes, and then he asked her what she was doing over break. She shared that she was going on a cruise for the next week. He was impressed and asked if he could have her phone number, and perhaps they could talk or FaceTime (since he was also an Apple owner) during her absence while she was onboard. She blushed momentarily and then said, “no problem” and they shared their cell phone numbers. We move ahead now to the first full Sea Day while they were headed towards their first stop.“Any interest in going to the Rock & Roll trivia contest in the Bliss Lounge, honey?” asked her Daddy.“Not really, but you go ahead. I am going to try out the unlimited WiFi package you paid for. Maybe I can talk and text to Jenny.”“You just saw her last night . . . do you really think things have changed that much in a few hours?”“Daddy . . . let me have some privacy . . . please?” she asked . . . remaining under the covers.“No problem . . . I will be back in about an hour or so.” He turned and left the cabin. It was at that moment that her phone rang. She looked at the display hoping it was Jenny . . . but wasn’t quite sure who was calling.“Hello . . . who is this?” asked Amy.“You know me . . . it’s Mike. We talked by the buses on the last day before break.” Amy’s heart began to pound faster and faster. To herself . . .‘He really is calling me? I’m like less than a freshman in middle school and this guy is like a junior.’ She switched it onto speaker phone. “Oh . . . hi, this is a special surprise. How have you been?” Is that too lame, she thought saying what she had just said, back to herself.“Well I’m glad I’m a special surprise. Do you have a few minutes to talk . . . like are your parents close by?” They spent the next few minutes talking about school. Suddenly Amy’s Dad inserted the room key into the door, opened it fully and then carefully closed it causing almost no sound whatsoever, having picked up on his daughter’s phone conversation. Interesting she had conveniently made it possible for him to hear their conversation.“Nope. No one here except for me.”“Excellent. Do you have access to an I-pad during the trip?“Yeah, my Dad has one I am sure I could borrow. Why?”“Cuz, the picture is much bigger . . . when we do some naughty things together with it.” Amy was surprised at what he was suggesting, but her young pussy began to melt at his suggestion. Shouldn’t he be doing this with older girls, she thought?“Do you like to do naughty things . . . on the phone?” she asked.“Absolutely. Have you ever talked dirty on the phone with a guy before?” “Uh . . . not really. I haven’t had that much experience . . . uh with boys doing anything . . . yet,” she admitted. Mike loved what he was hearing.“Would you like to?” he asked rather abruptly. What a loaded question, she thought. Things were getting kinda kinky, but being out at sea and talking with him on the phone might make things easier, despite her lack of experience. She absentmindedly let her left hand travel down to the intersection in between her legs. She had taken a shower and had put on a t-shirt and panties only and then slipped under the covers. “Maybe. It sure seems like you are into doing this sorta stuff . . .” she confessed.“It makes me get really hard. You don’t know it, but I took a few pictures of you before I came up and talked to you at the bus. I am flipping through them right now, while we’re talking.” Holy shit, she thought. Getting hard, means this guy has like a woody and is really excited. I wonder if it’s as long as my Daddy’s she fantasized? She gritted her teeth and said:“So . . . you’re getting pretty excited . . . talking to me and looking at my pictures huh?Too bad I don’t have one of you to look at.” On the other end of the phone, the horny boy smiled. “How about I take a quick pic . . . showing you how hard I am . . . and sending it your way. Would you like that?” he asked. Not waiting for her response, he put his phone down on the bed, unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his knees. Next he got back on the bed, opened his legs, flipped the camera function on, zoomed in and captured his long cock . . . fully erect. “That would be kinda kinky, Mike,” she warned. But secretly she wanted him to show her his cock. Boys were so lucky to have them to play with, she thought, as she began to more seriously rub her clit. She excitedly remembered going to Google recently and typing in “watching guys jack off” and then selecting different videos, which excited her to no end. Suddenly her phone dinged and she realized she had just received a message.Her mouth dropped open, as she was now looking at a boy’s cock . . . but not just a regular sized one, more like KING-sized. How in the world could a girl get something like that inside her pussy . . . not to mention her mouth?“Did it arrive?” he asked.“It sure did and if you were looking at me right now, my face would be like pure scarlet. You certainly have a nice one Mike.” Amy’s Dad suddenly got into his “father first protective mode” and was about to interrupt their conversation, but instead the current situation caused his own erection to take place. “I’m happy that you like it . . . now what do you call it?” he asked.“Huh . . . what do you mean?” she asked innocently.“What do you call that thing you are looking at right now?” he teased.“This is so kinky Mike! A penis . . . I guess,” she almost whispered.“Nah . . . I want you to call it a COCK . . . can you do that?” he insisted. She paused before answering. In the background her Daddy was now sporting a full grown erection, loving where the boy was taking this conversation. He began to ease his zipper down as he heard her continue. “Alright . . . I am looking at your cock . . . Mike. (Pause) Why must I call it that?” she asked.“Cuz it makes me so horny . . . hearing you say it.” Hearing this, Amy just blurted out:“Alright, I love your cock,” she admitted looking even closer at the pic he had sent . . . being almost mesmerized by it.“Very good. Now where would you like me to put my cock?” She suddenly was being totally caught up by the eroticism of their conversation. This certainly was not in her experience to talk like this, but she now realized this boy was probably buck naked and jacking off at her every word. At the same time, she had slipped her panties down during their brief conversation and her index finger was eagerly moving in and out of her wet pussy. In the background, her Daddy had heard every word of their conversation and had released his naked cock and was now jacking along . . . waiting for his daughter’s response. And then he heard her say softly:“Maybe in my mouth . . . or how about my pussy?” she teased. She remembered hearing those exact words in one of the videos she had watched, and without much thought, she just repeated it to the horny boy, wanting to keep him excited.“Now we’re getting somewhere . . . my randy little girl. Guess what I am wearing right now?” he teased back.“Probably not much,” she giggled.“Nothing at all. I have stripped naked . . . just for you. And how about your end . . . what are you wearing?” he asked.“Just a t-shirt and my panties . . . but they are almost off,” she admitted.“Awesome . . . get naked for me,” he ordered as he pictured her following his instructions. Amy was now under his wishes. She pulled her panties down her legs and the whisked her t-shirt over her head and onto the floor. The immediate reaction was two very stiff nipples and a bare pussy that was becoming on fire with a craving for the boy.“Done . . . I am now laying here with nothing on,” she teased once again.“Tell me about your titties. Are your nipples all hard . . . like my cock?” he asked, now enthusiastically wanking on his stiff shaft. He looked over at the bottle of Vaseline next to his bed . . . and opening the jar, he scooped up a quick dab and applied it liberally all over her throbbing shaft. “Uh . . . huh,” she confessed. “Pinch one of those stiff buds for me, and pretend I am the one doing it,” he cheered . . . getting close to cumming. Amy smiled as she watched her thumb and index finger capture her pink nipple and manipulate it with a quick twist and then a much longer pinch (which she loved to do at night under her covers) . . . just like Mike wanted. She was at the point of no return as she placed her cell just above her titties and then immediately moved that hand into her aching pussy lips. Soon Amy’s middle finger was trying to mimic what she knew his cock would be doing right now, if he were in the room. As she rubbed her twat, she could hear him in the background getting closer and closer to cumming. It was her turn to go on the offensive:“I need your cock Michael! I want to feel it throb in my mouth when you’re cumming . . . I want to feel you shoot your load and then spray it all over my face!” This immediately caused three simultaneous orgasms, as Mike, her Daddy (in the other room) and finally Amy began to shake . . . as her whole body tingled and then exploded with total relief. Soon afterwards her toes started to become numb as she gasped for breath . . . never having had a lustful event like that before. She had to have that experience again, she thought.“Amy . . . I gotta go. Send me a picture,” said Mike as he ended the call. Picking Up the Pieces . . . After Being CaughtHaving shot ropes of hot cum all over the carpet by the doorway, Amy’s Daddy had to come up with a plan to move ahead. He peeked around the wall that separated the entryway and bathroom from one of the sleeping areas, and saw his daughter still topless and breathing rather rapidly. Unfortunately, he waited just a couple of seconds too long while looking at her and she suddenly saw him.“Daddy . . . how long have you been there,” she asked. But her tone was almost a dead giveaway for the fact that her excitement still remained. In her mind, she was fully determined to finally see her Daddy’s cock up close.“I would say several minutes, pumpkin. They cancelled the trivia in the lounge because very few showed up,” he said, quickly zipping up his pants and moving more towards her bed. She had raised the sheets to hide her nakedness, but being so horny from talking dirty to Mike, she secretly would give anything to display her treasures for her Dad.“Then you heard what we were doing, huh?” she mused with a smile on her face. “And maybe even caught me being very naughty with my clothes off?” she probed.“Uh, huh . . . and made me feel just as naughty while I listened to your conversation. I especially liked when you said, ‘I need your cock Michael! I want to feel it throb in my mouth when you’re cumming . . . I want to feel you shoot your load and then spray it all over my face!’” Amy smiled as she watched his cock begin to grow inside his shorts, while he was standing there, only a few feet away. “I heard that in a video at Tammy’s house, and just thought I’d say it out loud to make Mike happy . . . and it seemed to work,” she said.“Seemed to work . . . for all three of us, honey. Guys love it when girls talk that way. I’m actually delighted for you doing it . . . and look forward to helping you out when you FaceTime him back.”“How about if we take a quick shower together and figure out what happens next?” she suggested. She knew she had just gotten out of a previous shower, but this one truly showed much more promise. “I would love it . . . but I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to,” he warned. “I know I would like to see that bulge in your shorts up close. Fact is . . . I have seen it when you and Mom go all crazy at night . . .”“Oh you have . . . have you?” he asked, getting even more aroused at that thought. “I know . . . I am like a voyeur when it comes to watching people do it,” she said closing the house coat she had put on and heading towards the bathroom.He stripped off his clothes and stepped into the shower. But before he could turn around, Amy stepped behind him. Because of the luxury suite, there was actually enough room for two people inside the shower, which is rare on a cruise ship. He adjusted the water, and then said "Wet your hair and I'll wash it for you." "Okay!" she said, returning his smile. After shampooing her hair, he slung it over her shoulder saying, "Here, rinse it off while I wash your back for you." Without a word she complied as he picked up a bar of soap and started to rub down her back. Now came the real test, he thought. Squatting to wash her lower back, he continued on to her firm little ass cheeks. To his pleasant surprise, she didn't react at all, just continued to rinse her hair. Getting bolder, he started squeezing her ass gently, delighting in how firm it really was. He looked up to see that she had finished rinsing her hair and was just letting the water run down the front of her 14-year-old body. The feel of her smooth, white skin was very stimulating! Not wanting to stop, he went ahead and slipped his fingers into the crack of her delicious little ass. This, however, started to make his cock stiffen, so reluctantly he dropped down and washed her legs. Her love of sports had given her smooth, firmly muscled legs. There could not have been an ounce of fat on her beautiful, young body! He stood up as he finished, and she turned around to rinse the soap off. To his delight . . . she was smiling! He was relieved he had not scared her with his boldness. Yearning to find out how far this would go, he handed her the soap, asking, "Would you like to wash me now?" "Sure would!" she said, eagerly. But before he could turn around, she started rubbing it on his chest. This caught him totally by surprise! But he wasn't about to tell her to stop! Just the thought of how low she might go, made his cock start to stiffen again. And to his amazement, she didn't stop at his belly! Squatting down, she lathered her Daddy’s thighs, then, gently, she took his balls in her hand and lathered them as well! This was too much! His cock got rock hard. Looking down, his cock was two or three inches from her face. Beyond that, he could see her white breasts clearly, the nipples peeking out . . . very stiffly. "You can touch any part of me any time you like," he told her. She smiled then, grabbed his cock in her hand, and started squeezing and stroking it. "If I remember right, this gets a lot bigger when your very excited," she observed. "Yes," he moaned,肉色超薄丝袜脚交一区二区 "But hold off doing that for now, okay? I'll explain why later." "Oh, all right," she sighed, sounding disappointed. "I'll let you touch it after we're done with our shower," I told her. He had plans and wanted to save this for later! When they had done showering, they toweled each other off, laughing the whole time, and putting on their robes. "Want to join me on the couch?" he asked. "Sure!" she said, smiling, and quickly went over to the rather large couch for a ship. He grabbed a clean towel and a bottle of baby oil from the cabinet on the way out, in anticipation of what he hoped was to happen next. He put the towel and oil on the coffee table. "What's that for?" she asked. "I'll tell you in a minute," he answered, "First I want to make sure that you know I would never hurt you, and if at any time you say so, we'll stop. Okay?" She nodded in agreement. "And don't tell Mom about any of this!" he warned. She already knew that wasn’t going to happen. And her arousal from talking to Mike still ran through her body.He handed her the baby oil, sat back on the couch, untied and opened his robe, and exposed his cock and balls to her eager gaze. "You can play with this now," he offered manipulating his shaft right in front of her. "Use the oil so your hand slides more easily, okay? Remember, go slowly at first, and play with the head . . . it's the most sensitive part." "I absolutely will!" she said almost thinking it was Christmas and she was about to handle a very cherished present.Then, pouring oil into her right hand, she reached over and grasped his cock. At first touch . . . it began getting hard again. He put his left arm up on the back of the couch, and his right arm around her shoulders to hold her close to him. The feel of her soft, warm hand was wonderful! In no time, he was rock hard as she slowly stroked him, occasionally stopping to fondle his cock head. "Oooooh, that feels so good!" he whispered to her, "I love the feel of your hand on my BIG cock!" She just smiled and kept up a steady stroke. Feeling the rising tension in his balls, he let his head roll back and closed his eyes, enjoying the sensation. "Ooooh, yes, that's nice honey!" he crooned after a couple minutes, "You can start going faster now, please!" Her soft hand squeezed tighter and pumped faster. He knew he couldn't hold back much longer! "Yes! You're doing great, baby!" he muttered, as his body went rigid and his ass lifted up off of the couch. With that she pumped even faster. This was too much to bear! "Oh, yes, baby, here we go!" he moaned. He couldn't hold back any longer. With his whole body straight and rigid, he felt the pleasurable spasm start in his balls! He squeezed her shoulders tightly, then, once, twice, three times his cock spewed cum while she continued stroking him. The first stream of goo landed on his chest, the other two squirted onto his belly. She squeezed a little more out . . . as his orgasm subsided. His body became slack again and he slumped back down onto the couch. "Wow!" she blurted out, "Does it always shoot that much?" He nodded his head, "Yes, that's what happens when I have an orgasm." "That was so awesome!" she said, smiling. “I wish I had my phone, to film it!”"Now take the towel and wipe your hand off, and clean me up too, please," he asked. She did as he asked, cleaning every drop of cum off his chest, belly and now softening cock. "Thank-you," he said, "That felt absolutely super!" Then he leaned over and kissed the top of her head. She had wished it was on her lips, but things were certainly looking positive for a great time together.Now came the moment he had really been waiting for! Not bothering to close his robe, he suggested she let him give her a back rub. She readily agreed, pulling her legs up onto the couch as she turned her back toward him. Placing his hands on her shoulders, he began rubbing her back through her robe. After a few minutes, he had thoroughly rubbed her down. "There, how did that feel?" he asked. "Great, thank you," she replied. "Are you still comfortable with all of this?" he inquired. "Yes, this is fun!" she answered. "Okay, then," he told her, "If you will let me . . . I want to make you feel . . . even better!" "I can’t wait!" she said. "Okay then," I said, "Do exactly as I tell you, and if at any time you don't like it, tell me and I'll stop." "Alright Daddy. But you don’t need to keep saying that!" she replied, smiling. "Good, now, lay back across my lap and use the arm-rest as a pillow," he ordered. She took note of the tone of his voice, and her pussy began to twitch in anticipation. She lay before him, her robe still tied, her legs closed tightly. "Bring your knees up until your feet touch your ass, then open them as wide as you can!" he commanded, trembling with excitement! As she did so, his heart beat rapidly! This caused her robe to bunch up around her waist, exposing her womanhood to him. He now had full view and complete access to her beautiful little hairless pussy! He thought he had died and gone to heaven! He looked at her face, but she didn't seem the least bit embarrassed about exposing herself like this. He reached up with his left hand and stroked her hair above her forehead. Then he reached over and grabbed a hold of her right hand. "Now, relax," he soothed her, as he placed his right hand on her inner thigh. He didn't think she noticed, but his hands were shaking in anticipation! He started caressing her thigh lightly with his fingertips. "Tickle?" he asked, but she shook her head no, closing her eyes. Slowly he rubbed closer and closer to her luscious little pussy. Soon he was rubbing back and forth along both sides of her beautiful, virgin cunt. He looked at her face and smiled. "Feels nice," she said, smiling back at him. That's when he placed his index and ring fingers on each side of her soft, pink slit, continuing to stroke back and forth lightly, slowly. She must have liked this because she gripped his left hand tighter now. "Mmmmm!" she groaned. This was going better than he could have hoped! He couldn't believe this gorgeous young woman was letting him play with her beautiful little pussy! But now came the time to test her resolve! Gradually, yet lightly, he lowered his middle finger into her slit while still stroking back and forth. A shiver passed through her body at this touch. Applying more pressure, his finger slipped in between her lips, feeling the moisture of her hot little cunt. Her hips started to gyrate slightly, and he noticed her eyes were closed, and her mouth open slightly. "Mmmmmmm!" she moaned softly. "Like that?" he asked, soothingly. "Oooooo, yesss!" she replied, "THAT feels VERY gooood!" He kept this up until his finger was good and wet, then, with one quick thrust, he plunged it deep into her pussy! "Oh!" she gasped loudly, and squeezed his hand viciously. "You've got such a lovely, tight little pussy," he whispered, as he began pumping his finger in and out slowly. "Mmmmmm! Oh, yeah, keep doing that!" she whimpered. "Feels good?" he asked, grinning broadly. "Oh, yes, yes!" she answered. Keeping a slow, steady pumping movement, her pussy became wetter and wetter, her pelvis trying to grind into his hand. As he picked up the pace, she whimpered louder, still keeping her eyes closed. He really enjoyed finger fucking this hot young blonde! And he could tell . . . she enjoyed it too! As juice started flowing from her cunt and running down to her ass, he let go of her hand and opened her robe, exposing her firm, white apple-sized tits. He fondled them and pinched her hard, dark nipples as he pumped her pussy even faster. Her fists were clinched tightly as her ass lifted off his lap with each thrust of her hips. Damn she was hot! He knew she would cum any time now! "Oooooh!" she cried, louder, "Oooooh!" Suddenly her legs straightened out, pointing her feet up at the ceiling. She gasped loudly, a flood of juice poured from her steaming little cunt. He kept pumping, trying to extend her first orgasm for as long as possible. Her legs were quivering as she lowered them, and her ass settled back onto his lap. He kept his finger in her pussy . . . as her body relaxed. He could feel her cunt muscles pulsating, squeezing it gently. She finally opened her eyes and smiled up at him . . . and he smiled back! "Enjoy that?" he asked, already knowing the answer. "Oh yes!" she replied, "That was better than anything else I've ever felt!" She reached for his hand, which was still on her breast, and squeezed it firmly, saying, "Thank you!" "You're quite welcome," he returned, "Any time!" And lewdly, he brought his other hand up and began to manipulate her other tittie . . . using almost exclusively . . . his index finger and thumb on her stiff nipples.“I want to get your titties all stiff so we can send back a great picture to Mike. I have some ideas for you to do . . . and yes they are very naughty, but I’m sure you will both enjoy yourselves, while doing them.”“And I suppose you will be watching us too, huh?” she chimed in.“Of course. Your Daddy loves to shoot his load and you will be learning how and where to catch my hot cum as it splashes in and all over your naked body!”Hope to have another episode within the week!


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